Well I came home from school at 2:30 to find my 10 gallon gourami tank had sprung a leak in the bottom and it had leaked a good 2.5 gallons of water onto the stand. Luckily it soaked into the towel under the tank and did not drip on the floor. I quickly unplugged everything, took out the fish, drained the tank and kept the filter in a tub of the tank water. I then proceeded to try and clean and use my spare 10 gallon. In all the rush I asked my younger brother to help me. While he was cleaning out the old 10 gallon, he managed to crack an entire side of the tank.

With this dilemma I set up my 20 gallon on the floor. I was going to simply try and set it up and use my eheim filter in sync with the old filter from the 10 gallon. For some reason the eheim did not want to start -_- So after more thinking I filled the 20 gallon up with 10 gallons of water, added the old filter from the 10 gallon, added 5 gallons of old tank water and 5 gallons of new water and let it run. I added the fish soon after and from what I can see they're doing alright.. I took the 5 Olive Nerites from my old gourami tank and moved them to my 10 gallon apisto tank.

Along with all this crazyness my apistos still do not seem to want to eat pellet food, which is all I have that they can fit in their mouths.. They seem to eat a bit but not much.... Hopefully my brine shrimp eggs arrive soon so I can start hatching some food for them.

Only positive news I have is that despite him not eating my male apisto is showing some really nice blue colors.