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  1. Default Completely unexpected ...

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    Alright so here is the story. Three weeks ago purchased a 5gal tank from Petsmart. Cycled for a week then added in two molly's and two platy's ... found out a 5gal is not sufficient so one week in I got an old 38gal from a friend purchased all new equipment and put them in there. Couple days later added in one more molly and platy, then yesterday added in 5 neon tetras. Anyways today I noticed one of my original platy's had passed away :( My 5gal has still been sitting in my room half full of water with nothing running and nothing in it, had to let the dog out so i just threw the departed platy in the 5gal quick went back up to flush it and noticed I have 3 platy fry in the 5gal! Surprise! ... So i'v thrown a air pump and a tube in there so the surface breaks a little and put the light and heater back on. Problem is the filter has way to big of holes and will suck the poor things up, so what should I do to care for these new found fry?? Help please!

  2. Default

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    Let me get this right, your 5 gallon was cycled in one week.... and then you used all new equipment and placed your fish in an uncycled 38 gallon.

  3. Default

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    LOL sorry left that out, the 38 gal did cycle for 4 day's the girl at Petsmart said that should be fine. I'm very new to all of this, just really need help to find out what i should do for them ... also moved all of the live plants from the 5gal to the 38.

  4. #4


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    OK, so basically you didn't do any research but relied on some girl at a big chain store?

    Well, fortunately for you you got some very robust fish. There's plenty of other people who followed your method and ended up with loads of death fish.

  5. Default

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    Ya that pretty much sums it up. I'm 17 never had fish before and basically just had no clue what I was doing and listened to the girl at the Pet store ... Sorry that i'm not very experienced. Instead of criticizing me i'd love to know what I could do to turn this around ...

    Also after the four days i brought a water sample to the girl at Petsmart and she said it read perfect.
    Last edited by Wicksy; 04-08-2013 at 07:16 PM.

  6. #6


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    Quicky course then

    1. Enjoy contact with that girl, especially if she's cute but check everything she says by doing your own research
    2. Stores generally say water is fine, in this case it might be
    3. See if you can find the cash to order a test kit, there's several ebay sellers selling the api master kit
    4. buy some water conditioner from that pretty girl
    5. There's a sticky around here about the nitrogen cycle and fish-in cycling (which is what you're doing) read that
    6. The next few weeks, don't add any more fish and do frequent water changes. You're lightly stocked so every 2, 3 days a 35% might do the trick
    7. See if you can find some detergent free sponge somewhere or even a piece of panty hose maybe and attach that to the filter intake.

  7. Default

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    Thank you very much sir! I definitely will purchase my own test kit, I originally purchased water conditioner and have been using it. Also been doing a 10% water change every day. Ah good idea i will do the sponge/panty hose trick!

  8. #8


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    Well.. if you can keep this up you should be out of the danger zone in about 3-4 weeks and ready for some more fish in 6 weeks or so. In the mean time.. patience and research!

    Now.. was it a cute girl?

  9. Default

    0 Not allowed!
    Yes it was a very cute girl! ;D Thanks a lot for your help btw, I stole a new pair of my mom's panty hose and it works perfect! Hopefully all my little guys will make it through.
    Another unexpected surprise ... a snail ... yay what shall i find next.
    Last edited by Wicksy; 04-09-2013 at 02:23 AM.

  10. #10


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    Dont forget to read and understand the threads re cycling - it takes a while to get your head around it but once you understand it saves a fortune at the fish store (downside you dont get to see the cutie as often)

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