Alright so here is the story. Three weeks ago purchased a 5gal tank from Petsmart. Cycled for a week then added in two molly's and two platy's ... found out a 5gal is not sufficient so one week in I got an old 38gal from a friend purchased all new equipment and put them in there. Couple days later added in one more molly and platy, then yesterday added in 5 neon tetras. Anyways today I noticed one of my original platy's had passed away :( My 5gal has still been sitting in my room half full of water with nothing running and nothing in it, had to let the dog out so i just threw the departed platy in the 5gal quick went back up to flush it and noticed I have 3 platy fry in the 5gal! Surprise! ... So i'v thrown a air pump and a tube in there so the surface breaks a little and put the light and heater back on. Problem is the filter has way to big of holes and will suck the poor things up, so what should I do to care for these new found fry?? Help please!