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    Default New tank WAS going well....

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    Hi to all,

    I'm new to the forum and needed some help fixing a tank problem(s). I have a 29 gallon tank that was set up about 1 month ago with live plants, and a couple seasoned pieces of wood (bought at the aquarium store ready to go). My goal was to have a semi-aggressive tank. I did the cycle and then bought my first fish...5 Green Tiger Barbs and 1 Demasoni. Was feeding flakes once daily and blood worms (frozen) every other day. All were getting along, happy and healthy, the Demasoni was keeping to himself and happy in his little cave. Last week I bought some new fish...1 Jack Dempsey, 2 Honey Gouramis, and a Jewel Cichlid. After I got home, I noticed my water was turning a brownish yellow (I really didn't notice much until I was at the FS and noticed how clear the water was there)...I'm assuming from the wood so I removed it and about 75% of the water. (By the way, I'm on well water that goes through a water softener, all levels are good after treatment.) I added the water, waited a few hours then added the new fish. About an hour after adding the new fish my tank starting getting cloudy (white, not green). Fish were acting healthy and eating well so I just figured maybe some sediment got stirred up. This morning, I fed flakes and blood worms, all were acting normal and ate well. Four hours later, I got home and had 3 dead barbs on the bottom of the tank. I got them out, did a 50% water change, cloudiness has not changed and this evening I have a 4th barb dead. All other fish are acting fine except for my Demasoni has turned into an absolute tyrant and won't stop chasing anyone who comes to the bottom of the tank.

    I don't know if the dead fish are from the water or from getting attacked. They were the only one's that the Demasoni has left alone, but maybe I'm not seeing something from one of the new guys. The water issue I'm not sure what to do with. Should I take the remaining barb and put it in my community tank (10 gallon) or a quarantine tank? And once I get the problems resolved, what should I do with my Demasoni to get him to settle down again? I was sort of hoping that the Jack would put him in his place but he just stays at the top of the tank now...the only one's that will stand up to Mr. Dem are the Gouramis! This is my first "large" tank and I have a feeling I've already screwed it up...please help!

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    sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Your stocking is way off here. all of those fish should not be together. Maybe a google search on each fish is in order. The jack shouldnt be in a tank that small. The gourami are best kept as individuals or mated pairs. The red jewel are best kept in species only. Demasoni are a very aggressive african cichlid that are best kept with multiple females. Not to mention all of the different water and environment conditions these fish need. The cloudyness is prob a bacteria bloom. I strongly recommend returning all fish and researching a bit more first.

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    +1 to the above.

    you went from aggressive to unfathomably aggressive.

    Jacks don't belong in anything less than a 55. they get to be 8-10 inches big. it wouldnt even turn around in your current tank.

    your other fish are species only tanks that require much different tanks/set ups.

    The only way to fix this is to return the fish-not even a 100gallon tank would fix what you have.
    the fish are too different and too aggressive to be combined. you'll start to see them all dead in the next few weeks if you don't return them.

    a 29gallon tank can't support what you want. if you want a semi aggressive tank-then a 75 is the minimum and we'll help stock it. 29 is just too small for that.

    lastly-expecting a fish to "stand up" to other fish is wrong, balance is created by YOU. not the fish. they are wild animals that are doing their natural thing-defending their space and they'll defend it to the death. if you don't return all your fish, you'll see them drop one by one. there is no room in a 29gallon to balance out aggression

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    ++ to Daimen and mizzou. that stocking is all wrong and will lead to disaster.
    Your 29 would be a great tank for a single angel and a small school of cherry barbs or some non nippy tetras.
    Or you could make it a tetra tank. Some colombian tetras, or buenos aires and serpaes and a school of neons would be beautiful. if you stuck with 2 tetra schools then you could also add a school of cory cats for the bottom. it would make a great active and colorful tank.
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    Assuming the 29 is high enough for that angel.

    3rd alternative: pair of dwarf cichlid, school of tetra and 8 cories.
    4th. Go for a single species of tetra and get 20. Get some cories, perhaps a single bristlenose once the tank has matured and leave it at that.

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    Thank you all for the advice...serves me right for not doing my own homework and listening to pet store people who probably just wanted to make a sale. Fishmommie- thanks for the tetra idea...I really wanted a colorful "salt water" looking tank without having to do salt water. I'll start looking into the tetras.

    For the single tiger barb I have left...would he be ok in my community tank?

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    He'll be too nippy without a school of his own.

    so he'd be best to go with the others.

    Hobbs-another member on here set up her 29gallon with like 40neon tetra's and planted it very heavily.
    i'm trying to recreate that with cardinal tetra's and they are fantastic. super colorful and active fish. I would recommend one big school and you can fit more neons because they have a smaller bioload than other tetra's.

    but in order to pull of a tank like that, you'll need proper filtration/pwc schedule to keep things in balance.

    i'm glad you are correcting things-you'll be much happier in the end and have a wonderful tank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by talldutchie View Post
    Assuming the 29 is high enough for that angel.

    3rd alternative: pair of dwarf cichlid, school of tetra and 8 cories.
    4th. Go for a single species of tetra and get 20. Get some cories, perhaps a single bristlenose once the tank has matured and leave it at that.
    I like the alternatives but the 29 is definately fine for a single angel.

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    Good to see you are open to all the advice given - I thought to myself "this person wanted a semi-aggressive??" LOL

    Yes, it not only pays to research each fish before purchase but it also pays to not take advice from a store are correct...the employees want to sell you fish no matter how much they might tear each other up.

    I agree that SW fish are really colorful & cook looking, but many types of tetras accomplish the color goal and you need to make sure the potential size of a fish matches your tank size.

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    + 1 to Sandz and FM on their comment on keeping a single Angel in the OP's tank.
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