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  1. Default making water changes easier for me?

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    so i was looking at the python as a potential solution to my problem vs lugging buckets across the house to refill tanks. I normally siphon out my window + lug clean water back up here via 5 gallon bucket. I have 20 gallon high / 10 gallon long up here + no running water. i am on the second floor lets call it technically its an extension with 2 bedrooms at the highest point of the house. would a python + 100 ft hose going down the stairs across the living room and into the bathroom sink remedy this problem? or does the fact i am upstairs going to generate a problem with getting water from the sink up the long hose. If this would work can i just get a python + sort hose then go out to lowes or something and get the tubbing cheap and replace it dyi? what would i need?

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    Default making water changes easier for me?

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    If I were in your position, I would try throwing an inline pump in there to help the water along. I would mount it high on the wall somewhere on the first floor, preferably near the stairs. For convenience, I would put the pump on a remote control so that I could turn it off from the sink. You'd want to remove the hose from the tank before opening up the sink adapter (after filling), or it'll just start siphoning the water back out.

    However, because your tanks are so small, it might be difficult to do water changes alone. In that case, I would set up a block and tackle outside your window and just hoist the buckets up rather than carry them. Then you can just throw a pump into the water container to transfer it to the tank, or something.
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  3. Default

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    thanks for your input as far 'alone' someones always here when i am so could have me up here + someone in the kitchen. i am sure they would rather me bug them to do that briefly for draining and filling vs me spilling buckets on the all the hardwood floors between. i may do some rough measuring using string i guess and work it out on paper the rise etc. its like 6 steps then a L turn then like another 6 steps then the entrance to the room is right at the top of the stairs to the left, and the tank is a few feet away. the window is really not a option in that room it has a ac unit mounted in it pretty much all year round i don't take it out during winter. to the right theirs a equal size room i use for a living room almost with my tv - pc has a window that has no ac unit for it at the moment but in prior years was always one up here but thats the front of the house to and its also far from hose outside. pump interesting wonder how strong / costly it would be + some dyi extension so i don't give them a bunch of money for the same size tubbing i can buy cheaper.

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    I may be way off base here but I can't see any problem with you using a Python or an Aquean Water changer. (I'd go for the Aquean as reviews indicate the working parts are sturdier)
    I use an Aquen W/Cer with a 50 foot hose but the sink is on the same level as my tanks.
    I know of others, however, who hook up to their water source in their basements and fill their tanks upstairs.
    If you hook the W/Cer up to the faucet and turn the coldwater on, it will suck the water from your tank. Since you have a full story for the water to fall, you should get great suction for vacuuming the substrate as well. When you switch to fill mode, make certain you get your water temp right and add dechlorinator to your tanks before you start refilling then. The pressure of the water in the hose should be enough to force the water upstairs and into your tanks.
    Someone else chime in here if this doesn't sound workable without an extra inline pump.
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    The long tube along with the great height difference will make it unlikely to be an efficient system. The suggestion to put a couple of pumps along the way will help but I still believe that gravity will be stronger than the pumps or else you would be using too many pumps to make it economical. If your budget has nothing against it though then it doesn't hurt to try.

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    Here is an issue I run into... When I use 100ft of hose, its a lot of potential preasure. Make sure your faucet has a drain back system or you put that 5gal bucket under the P trap. When you do this fill long distance you wont see when the tank is full and will need a man on the faucet and the tank. When the water shuts off its coming down by gravity feed straight to that faucet down stairs. Be prepared for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by madagascariensis View Post
    The long tube along with the great height difference will make it unlikely to be an efficient system. The suggestion to put a couple of pumps along the way will help but I still believe that gravity will be stronger than the pumps or else you would be using too many pumps to make it economical. If your budget has nothing against it though then it doesn't hurt to try.
    by not efficient you mean amount of time to fill and or in general time taken overall? i mean its more about not doing the exercise + lugging buckets imo id rather sit in the room reading a book over the span of say ~1hour or something watching and having to fiddle with it twice vs getting it done in a sorter timespan but have to be up and down up and down etc.

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