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  1. Default Fish eating Amazon sword?

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    I have started stocking my 55g 48 inch tank and noticed bites on the amazon sword. I only have 1 reg pleco(temporary. I know it's not this because I once had it in a planted tank), 2 zebra loaches(soon to be 6) and 6 tiger barbs(more will be added this week). It's not close to done stocking, but I need to know who is eating this for long term effects. Here is picture:

    I know it's either the zebras or the barbs but I think it is the zebras because tiger barbs do well in planted tanks commonly. Not sure though. Have a few questions about what to do:

    If the fish eating it doesn't usually eat this plant, is there something I can do to stop it?
    If there a better and more hardy plant I can use if the amazon isn't ideal?

    Thank you.

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    Reg pleco= regular pleco? I hope you do realize that those outgrow your tank? If he's hungry he certainly will try to eat plants but that looks differently.

    I'd bet on the barbs. YOu can try feeding algae wafers, see what happens.

  3. Default

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    It is a regular pleco and it is temporary until I find an ideal pleco. Ill feed some wafers to the barbs, but since its not fully stocked on plants, what might be a better plant that they won't eat?

  4. Default

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    I must be tired because I read this as 'Fish-eating amazon sword'. Like the plant was eating fish. That would be a very different problem.

    As was said very high chance it's the pleco doing that, they tend to snack on plants. Though in my experience they eat plants much slower than they grow so if you don't mind the occasional hole it is no harm.

    If you are looking for a plant they won't eat your best bet is a type of anubias. Java ferns also tend to be avoided by my fish, but not to the degree they leave the anubias alone.

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    Is it possible those holes are due to something other than fish bites? Such as a lack of a certain nutrient in the tank? What are you using for fertilizer in the tank?

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    Those holes start small, are scattered on various leaves and usually in the middle. Potassium shortage it usually means.

  7. Default

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    There are only holes on certain leafs, not all. Java fern can also be arranged without problem. Would java moss get eaten?

    @zander: Ok, but I've had the pleco in a planted tank and he didn't eat anything. Ill also get some anubias.
    @imma: I'm just using regular gravel, but it is buried in a pot with nutrients, so it's not really in gravel.

  8. Default

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    It was the pleco! Wow! I guess the loaches hogged all of his food.

    Will starlight bristlenose plecos or zebra plecos eat plants?

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    They won't if properly fed. Starlight bristlenoses are herbivorous so feed them cucumber, algae wafers and other vegetables. Zebra plecos are carnivorous(wont eat algae, just there to look pretty) and you should feed them accordingly with a meaty pellet or pieces of mussel, fish, prawn, etc. they also require warmer than average waters and aren't for the beginner/novice aquarist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loller View Post
    It was the pleco! Wow! I guess the loaches hogged all of his food.

    Will starlight bristlenose plecos or zebra plecos eat plants?
    There's at least three different zebra pleco. Which one do you mean?

    Any bristlenose will only eat plant if they're starving.

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