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Thread: none survived

  1. Default none survived

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    so i got home from a 20 min trip to the store and had my father babysitting my daughter and niece. as i walk through my door, my tank is the first thing i see every time. i hav 1 poictus catfish,2 clown loaches, 1 tiger barb and 3 guarami dwarfs. but at first sight my tank is green. i walk up to it and its filled with fish food. my daughter and niece dumped and entire 2.1 oz of fish flakes in there. immediately i took the fish out but in less than a minute the my pictus,tiger, and 2 loaches died. i had to drain all the water and well pretty much start new. i knew the tank was going to have to cycle again and putting them in the tank would have killed the remainder that survive but before i got to putting the fish back in the last 3 dwarfs that held on died after putting them in the tank. bottom line my daughter and niece massacred my fish. so im testing the water now to get a basis of where im at i have .5 ppm ammonia, 0ppm nitrite, 5ppm nitrate. this was tested with the api freshwater master test kit. so my question now is, is it normal to have 0 nitrite but have nitrate. i did use the same filter as is figure it should have some of the bio filters left in it in hopes of speeding up the cycle process.

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    You still have the bacteria in the filter processing ammonia and nitrites.

    Are you now planning to do a fishless cycle ?
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
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    That's very weird, even if ammonia was quite high 20mins shouldn't be enough to kill healthy fish. You may have an ammonia spike but you won't have to start from scratch at all. All the bacteria is still there and the filter should still be cycled unless there is something you're not mentioning. You're not cycling again you are simply removing the ammonia that built up due to the excess food. If you have removed all the food and keep the filter running 0.5ammonia should be gone in 24 hours if not less
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    i drained the entire tank cleaned the gravel you couldnt see in this tank i was shocked when i saw that they had died so fast but after cleaning the tank and gravel and adding new water those were the number i ended up with but again i used the old filter and yes i will be doing a fishless cycle now lol. my daughter woke up this morning and asked what happened to the fish as now there is an empty tank . i dont think she remembers or realizes what she did.

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    i didnt test the water before i cleaned it as that wasnt a priority i was more concerned for getting the fish out of this gas chamber. i would guess that the flakes got into their gills and sufficated them.

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    That seems very unlikely. I would bet they also dumped something else in there.
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    Well, that's 2 clown loaches that will never have to be rehomed. Sad.

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    They had to have dumped something else in there. When I was 4 years old I thought that our fish had stuffy noses because their mouths were opening and closing. I also thought that they needed a bath so I squeezed an entire bottle of nasal spray and a half a bottle of shampoo into the tank. Needless to say the fish didn't make it and my parents were not happy.

    Is it possible they poured a bunch of prime into the tank? How about plant fertilizer? Test kit reagents? There's a whole list of things that you probably keep near your tank that they could have thrown in there as well.
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    Sorry you lost your fish but this will give you time to do more research on stocking. Unless your tank is very large, clown loaches should not be in it. Dwarf gourami's are aggressive with one another, as well, and you should only have one if you plan to have them again and Tiger Barbs are nippy fish, below in large schools with their own kind.

    Before stocking again, I would write a post asking for suggestions as to what to stock in your size tank.

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    well if i didnt find anything available for them to throw anything in the tank but the bottle of food. i also didt know guarami were agressive, they never nipped each other or anything. they seemed relax always together. the tiger wa in a school but i had an ammonia spike a month ago and 2 died. now i appreciate the advice and all but i wanted to know if the presence on nitrate and ammonia without any nitrite is normal

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