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  1. Default MTS hitchikers kill or keep?

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    I'm rocking a 29g planted tank with about 2 1/2inches or so of sand; today I did a water change and unearthed a snail that was almost an inch long.... I have never cleaned algae off the sides of the tank in 2 months and now I think I know why.

    Anyone wanna guess how many are actually in my tank? I originally bought 2 plants and my LFS gave me a bunch for free when I returned a koi. From reading they seem to be okay in planted tanks and they don't bother me. I'm going to check the tank late tonight with a flashlight and see how many I find.

    Long term do I wanna keep these guys or not though?

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    check your filters, the intakes and inside-these things love those places.

    and if you like snails-go for it.

    otherwise, trap them (there is a thread on here w/ good pics on how to do that easy and at little cost) and sell them/give back to the lfs for them to sell.

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    MTS dig, they will work fish poo into the bottom where it becomes plant fertilizer. Because of their digging they help aerate the sand and prevent anaerobic build up.

    On the down side, they reproduce quite well so constant management is necessary

  4. Default

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    They might have come with the filter media I got to seed the tank but I couldn't find any in the filters. though I did find another baby on my tank wall last night so if I have a big one and a baby I probably have tons in all that sand; they are quite hard to find even at night. I actually like them so if I don't have a breeding community I'd probably buy some anyway.

    Hope I find some more tonight; there is no way a snail that big came that size with the plants and I missed him I scoured the plants when I got them and didn't find any snails at all. Thank god if I have snails they are MTS though my Ph is like 6-6.4 depending on how many water changes I do from all the driftwood tannins. I wonder if they can survive in that since they make their shells from lime don't they need higher ph levels?
    Last edited by FishGuy67; 04-08-2013 at 03:05 AM.

  5. Default

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    On the note of ordering myself some MTS to keep my sand loose etc anyone looking to sell some? I found some on aquabid but I don't have a ton of faith in sellers that I don't know and don't have a reputation. I'd love to order myself 20 of them to jumpstart a population in my tank but before that I'd liek to know how many i really have.

    I can't ever seem to find them even at night maybe 1 or 2 at most at night with a flashlight any ideas on how to find out how many I really have? maybe tie some blanched lettuce on the bottom and check it at night?

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    If you got mts why order more? Just feed and there will be more soon enough.

  7. Default

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    I was thinking I should have more to maintain a population but there's probably a lot in there I never see. Excess food seems like a direct link to how high the pop is as well. I should just let the ones I have alone and let them do their thing. like you said

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    Yeah. Feed well with sinking food for 10 days or so and you'll have young 'uns floating at the top.

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