im going to go to fish store tomorrow n see what they have to know what to plan for i will read over that site when i get a chance thank you so much n also since im new to these i don`t know if i should really be looking into a breeding pair if i don`t get a male a female would 2 males be ok? for ciclids or should i be looking for more then 2? im so confused now lol but the general knowledge of all the types of fish i could add with them is helping alot. i do have 1 question thought would a couple cories be ok? my dad loves cories and he keeps wanting to stick them in already..He dosen`t understand cycling a fish tank because he used to have them n never did such a thing but from what he telling me it sounds like he mainly had hardy fish.

And yeah i love The Ark its such a very very nice store its where i get my plants for my tank so far and they have such a nice stock of fish and salt water ones too are just so pretty! they made like a big cove with salt water in it which they don`t sell but display its so pretty xD I would love to do a salt one tank in the future but atm i could never afford a nice big one at the moment.

Compared to Pet Smart and Pet Co it dosen`t have that huge chain of overstocked overbreed n half the time sick it seems like to many floating fish when i vist those 2 places.

if i can i would love to start off with the German Blue Rams or well we will see i`ll let u guys know what i can find there tomorrow.