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    Default 2" Firemouth Cichlid in 10 gallon tank/Repairing leak

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    It turns out the 120 gallon tank I bought from craigslist has a leak. I probably should have guessed that based on it's condition but now I'm in a position where I have to put my cichlid somewhere. I was able to give the pleco to someone for free but all I have left to use is a 10 gallon tank. For the time being I have the cichlid in my 10 gallon with a spare filter using some bio media from my goldfish tank and a spare heater. I want to know how long the cichlid will be OK in a 10 gallon tank?

    I need to try to patch the leak but after talking to my LFS about the process of repairing a leak of this nature, it's going to be quite a task. The crack runs horizontally all the way from one side of the tank to the other, like this:

    | / |
    |___/_______ |


    I hope that makes sense... Anyway, so the guy sandwiched the crack with two pieces of glass and sealed them on. The guy at the fish store said I need to remove ALL of the silicone, and re-apply the silicone to the whole thing, around the base, up the corners, and remove the glass that covered the crack and re-silicone that as well. That's a lot of work. For one thing, it looks like the silicone itself is partly what is holding the tank together (other than the large glass brace at the top) even though it's not supposed to. I say that because the silicone in the corners goes all the way through to the outside of the tank. So if I take off all the silicone there will be a good eighth inch gap in in the glass. That can't be good!

    If I leave the silicone along the bottom and corners alone, and only re-seal where it's leaking, am I doomed to spring another leak? Another thing is that the tank is not supported all the way around the base on the stand. It's of course supported in the corners, but the tank is completely off the stand elsewhere. That makes me think it could shift when weight is added. I feel like I'm pretty screwed with this tank but does anyone have any suggestions for how I could make this thing work? My first thought is to simply take the stand apart and re-build it. Should I do that? What about the tank itself?

    Sorry this is so long, thanks!
    Last edited by stalefish83; 04-05-2013 at 10:09 PM.

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    The diagram of the tank didn't translate right... sorry. Not sure what happened there or how to fix it =/

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    You're right. That tank is not fixable. You need to sell it to someone for a reptile tank and really should not have bought it in this condition. That's just too much water to come down on your floors. A glass tank needs to sit on a stand that can support the edge all the way around. It does not need to be a closed stand. However, an acrylic tank needs a stand with a covered top.

    Don't know what to tell you about the firemouth. He will be fine for a couple months but will need to go into a larger tank.

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    Thanks for the reply. The thought of selling it as a reptile tank certainly occurred to me. I just needed that confirmation that it's not worth fixing. Heck, if someone will come pick the tank up they can have it for the cost of me not having to help load the dang thing.

    I still need to find a larger tank for my three goldfish (that's what this was supposed to be, then I got too excited about having cichlids) so my next large tank purchase will be for the goldfish and I'll rebuild the stand using the materials I got from this piece of crap and move the firemouth to the 45 gallon tank that my goldfish were in. I'm not sure 45 will be big enough in the long run but it'll do for a bit longer.

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    It would make an awesome Paludarium for plants, geeko's and frogs. Just not fish.

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    To the FM, yes it will be ok for a very short time if its the only fish in there.

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    I know I'm resurrecting an old thread here, but I'm FINALLY ready to move the firemouth to a bigger tank (better late than never!) He'll be going into a 40 gallon either tonight or tomorrow... it took way longer than I had anticipated so hopefully he's not stunted (as you can see from the start date of this thread, it's been 6 months, OUCH!). His growth rate has seemed steady, so I'm hopeful he'll be OK and will be much appreciative of the extra leg room... er uh, fin room

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    Never mind... I reapplied silicone to a 40 gallon tank I got from a friend. see this thread:
    And all was looking good until I came home last night and found that the it didn't seal. Now I have to strip the silicone and start over *sigh*

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