Hello to all the enthusiastic fish lovers ,

A problem came up to me and I am here to seek your help.

I have shifted one Irediscent Shark to a new planted tank with 7 Guppies , 1 Plecko , 2 Red Tailed Sharks and one Snail ( don't know the exact name of the snail ) , few weeks back ( around 2-3 weeks ) , my problem is, The Sharky is not having his food ( Means not in front of me at least and I guess he doesn't know where to find the food !! ) till the shifting was done. but he is in active condition ( wonders how if he is not taking food ) .
kindly tell is it possible that shark can live energetic without having food for so many days ? Or he is taking it in my absence ? All other mates are happy and playful ( except the Pleco .. he is such a serious fellow. )

All other water condition is perfect with filter and heater and plants.

Waiting for your replies ,

Thank you.