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  1. Default Sick fish getting attacked?

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    Hello there,

    I've just very gratefully encountered this lively community, I'm requiring a little advice on how to proceed with the following predicament.

    I currently have three common goldfish and a dojo loach in a 25 gallon tank, current parameters are 0/0/5. I have just recently added the third and final goldfish to the tank. I noticed one of the goldfish scraping itself along the bottom of the tank, plus speckled white dots on his tail fin, I haven't encountered this before so I did a little research. Apparently the fish is "flashing" and could be showing symptoms of something called Ich, seems to be very common! I also noticed that the newest goldfish has started biting or nibbling at the ill fish from time to time, it got to the stage where it just wouldn't leave it alone so I extracted the seemingly ill fish and quarantined him in a 10 gallon tank for the time being whilst I request some advice and possibly begin treatment.

    My first question would be is this actually Ich and was quarantining him a good idea? If this is Ich, should I treat both tanks?

    Many thanks for your continued support.

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    Hi, and welcome to the forum.
    What you have does sound like Ich. I think you should put your goldfish back in the tank with his buddies ad treat the whole tank, because just removing the 1 fish with symptoms will not remove the whole disease. Unfortunately, it is all over your tank in different forms. To learn more, I highly suggest reading the stickies on ich at the top of the disease section of this forum, in which I saw you have correctly posted this thread :) Try to Educate yourself as much as possible about the disease. In my experience, I cured Ich with 35 teaspoons of de-iodized salt in my 30 gallon tank, with the temperature at 87 degrees and lots of surface agitation.
    Secondly, common goldfish will get too big for that 25 gallon tank you have them in. That should be addressed once you have cured your ich. Good Luck!
    Tanks: 30 gal community and 10 gal shrimp/community
    Journals Here

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    Thank you for the very quick response!

    I'm tempted to put the goldfish back in the main tank, but I'm worried about the newer addition biting/nibbling at him again, is that normal for sick fish?

  4. #4


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    if you saw the ich in the main tank-then you were already too late.

    so you'll need to QT both tanks.

    However, this issue is brought on because the new fish had ich, and your tank is massively overstocked.

    common's get over a foot long and are actually pond fish-not aquarium fish.

    good on you to do the research and come here. hopefully someone experienced in gold fish ich can help-i'm only versed in tropical treatments

    edit: see your new question: fish are scavengers-when they see an opportunity at food-they'll take it..may that be flake food, or a dead fish.
    fish also battle out for their space/sleeping area' a mix of all this is why they are pecking at him

  5. Default

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    Thank you.

    I'm doing my research but reading contradictions all over the place, and what treatment is best, it's very confusing. Some folks are stating that ill fish should be separated from the main tank and treated in a hospital tank. However others are saying it's best to just treat them all together. There's a large debate over heat treatment, salt and meds. I'd like to avoid the salt remedy as apparently loaches don't tolerate salt at all well, so many views and opinions it's very hard to actually make a start.

  6. Default

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    I am a junior member and don't have much knowledge to suggest you anything but since I also went through this problem as yours so I can share my experience though .
    I had gone through with this problem with my Fantailed Goldfish some about 3 months back . My all fishes got the infection ( itch ) and the worst affected one was getting started nibbed by others .
    I simply raised the salt concentration of water with deiodised salt and rose the temperature to 24 degrees C. and treated the whole setup with an antibiotic and completed the 5 days full course.
    By this my fishes got rid off from the disease within the completion of the course and now are healthy and playful . This was my experience with my Goldfishes .

    Hope you will get a remedy for your pets soon.

  7. Default

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    +1 to susmita, the method used there is a good one. My first impression instinct is to quarantine the loach and treat it differently than the goldfish, and treat the goldfish with a salt and heat method. Heres an article you might have read already, it helps. :)

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