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  1. Exclamation [QUICK] Weird stuff on my rock!

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    I suddenly noticed this weird slightly goopy looking white stuff on my rock in my aquarium, I'm wondering if maybe the moss on the rock they sold me wasn't quite dead and dry and has started to rot? I just did a 30% water change prior to noticing this. Here are some pictures.

    photo 1.jpgphoto 2.jpg

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    Looks like normal moss to me

    its probably trying to regain its life.

    If you dont like it or don't want to risk it, then pull the rock out, scrub it down hardcore and remove everything. and if you want to really kill it, then soak it in a bucket w/ a diluted bleach mixture to kill everything on it.

  3. Default

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    The moss was always there, what I'm talking about is (if you look really close) this kind of white hazy film that's formed over the moss, it seems to have only formed on the top half of the rock.. I tried to poke it with something and it can come off but its definitely gloopy. The only things in the tank are 4 danios and 4 nerite snails.

    EDIT: I looked closer and it moves around with the appearance of a very tight spider web. Could it be some kind of algae or something?

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    Now that you point that out, i do see it.

    it resembles the same type of "snot/slime" that sometimes occurs when people introduce driftwood to their aquariums-its harmless and can be removed by netting it out/ your hand.

  5. Default

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    I did google it and see similar pictures from driftwood. So you think it's just harmless "ooze" from the moss? Is it worth reaching my arm into the tank to get it out (I dont currently have a long enough net.. :/ )

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    Ya, It looks to be that harmless "ooze" - it is just very very similar to what most people with driftwood experience

    I would remove the rock, and do a light rinse in the tub to wipe/rinse off that ooze, then you'll be set.
    that way, it wont spread all over the tank

  7. Smile

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    Okay, thank you so much for answering so quick. Here I was panicking that I'd messed up my whole tank.

  8. #8


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    No problemo!

    You are plenty good. since you just did a 30% pwc too, you can always stay on top of your parameters the next few days to be extra extra safe and do another pwc if you feel needed, but I think you'll be fine.

  9. Default

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    Alright, one more quick question if you're still around. I had set up my tank about 3 days prior to having fish in it and (stupidly or impatiently) I used some BioSpira to help kickstart the nitrogen cycle (as I'm doing a fish-in cycle), how long do you think it will be until it is stable? So far for the past 3 days my ammonia readings have been 0 (or so close to I can't tell) Nitrites have been around the same, nitrate between 5-15, pH is around 7.5 and Dh and Kh are both high (I'll be fixing that with driftwood and if that doesnt work than an API soft pillow) at around 120-180.

  10. Default

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    What's the nitrate out of the tap?

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