I'm finally nearing the place in my aquatics adventure where I can begin to consider what fish I'd like to stock in my 20g tank (emphasis on begin to consider). My set up will be a standard 20g (24"x12"x16"), an Aquaclear 50 for filtration, moderately planted (willing to go more or less on this depending on fish needs), a couple pieces of driftwood (if that matters with what I stock), and most likely a sand substrate.

After a few trips to a couple different LFS, my eyes have started to gravitate toward one or two species. Here is what I've been thinking:

4-6 Corydoras (I like the dwarf and panda species, but would love to hear some other suggestions)
6-10 Pristella Tetra (I just like the look of these...again, I'm open to other suggestions to research)
1 Dwarf/Honey Gourami

I'm not sure how accurate aqadvisor.com is on stocking levels, but it seems like I may have room for something else, depending on what it is? yes or no?

Other things I like the look of, but not sure if they'd be compatible or if I'd have room for them:

Cherry Barbs
Rio Flame Tetra/Bleeding Heart Tetra

A couple of specific questions: would snails/shrimp be compatible with the corys? Or would the be competing for space and resources? Would a planted tank work okay with all of, or most of, the above listed species? Is sand a doable substrate for the above listed species?

Any thoughts, insights from experience, etc... that can be offered would be very appreciated. Thanks!