I have been keeping Tiger barbs for a while now, and it seems the only constant is how unpredictable they are.

I started off with 10 of them in a 55 gal. they completely ignored my tetras and aggressively nipped the cory cats, which seemed opposite of intuition. They also got bullied and chased by the rainbow shark and the gourami. Then on day my black neon tetras started spawning, The barbs went crazy eating the eggs, and then started pecking the fish to get more eggs and ended up killing most of them and eating the bellies out.

I then had to move them to a 20 gallon long, and that made all the difference in the world. They are pretty peaceful now and I have them tanked with a rainbow shark, a betta, and two cory cats and that tank has been peaceful and thriving for 4 months now.

If you really like them that much, then give it a try, but just be prepared for mayham and fish death, because it can happen instantly with tiger barbs. :)