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But OK, now that I am done fiercely defending my stocking choices, I do have a question about water hardness. I read that these five-banded barbs come from black water habitats--canals, near-stagnant pools, things like that. I don't know how hard my water is, but this being Wyoming I'm guessing it's on the hard side. Can the five-bandeds handle normal tap water, or do they need softened water?
Quite a few fish from blackwater habitats can handle hard water but you will see them colour up and display more exuberant behaviour and even pre-mating if you switch. Even if you're in hard water they tend to perk up when you add some leaf litter or elder cones.

Wyoming... hmmm... together with Montana a part of your country I'd really like to visit sometime. But, that's not the point. How are your options for rain collection?