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Could also be a sign that his time might be up. How long have you had him? Average lifespan is about 2-3yrs.

If you have a cucumber or zucchini, try adding some to the tank to see if you can coax him to it. He might take...
Thanks Kev, will try your suggestion...we very well may have had him over a year, he was one of the original critters that my daughter first had in a fish bowl, then went into an un-cycled 10 gallon, then when through a fish-in cycle

We are not short on snails, we have 1 other mystery adult, 1 golden Inca adult, and like 6 mystery juvies....who somehow survived the snail egg sac removal we did some weeks back

He's floating this morning, trapdoor barely open...no noticable stench...will probably euthanize today...thanks for your help