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  1. Default Beginner worried about my poor fish.

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    Last week I bought 3 fish to put in my 10 gal. Aquarium. Wednesday (this may mean nothing but I want to get all the facts out there) the power in my house went out for hours at a time multiple times later in the evening I noticed the tank was very dirty/cloudy I decided to do a 25% extract of water and add in new water (same temp with tetra aqua safe plus chlorine remover).
    Yesterday I was away and my wife cared for the fish feeding last night I came home to a large amount of food at the top of the water a few minutes after she had fed them. I quickly scooped out the food I have no idea how much was given to them but the all looked okay needless to say I was worried.
    Today when I woke up one of my fish looked as if he had been attacked on his back side or as though his flesh had been eaten by another fish or chemical. (I have a picture) I did another 25% extract and ran to petco to get an api master test kit (it probably would have been been a better idea to test the water before switching it out to see current levels but I was afraid if it was the water the fish may not make it till I returned.
    I've tested the water with my kit and since I've been home I've noticed all 3 fish have been hiding behind the filter they have never gone behind the filter so I don't know if they just learned than can or if this is an indication of something being wrong. I apologize if my post looks like a wall of text as I'm on my phone.
    Here are my test results:
    PH - 7.8
    Amonia - 0.25 ppm
    Nitrite - 0 ppm
    Nitrate - 0 ppm

    The fish are 3 guppies (bought 3 male I now belive 1 is a female and store was incorrect) the on in the picture I believe to be male.
    10 gallon tank
    There are also 3 small ghost shrimp who I see maybe once per day eating. Please let me know if you need more info to help me save my family fish.
    Thanks in advance -jay


  2. Default

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    It seems as though you didn't cycle your tank before adding fish so you are now doing a fish-in cycle which is not ideal. You have two options;

    1. Return your fish and do a fishless cycle. The forum has great tutorials on it.
    2. Stick it out with the fish-in cycle, again, you will find tutorials here how to do that.

    Basically, you want your readings to be 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, and trace nitrates.
    2.5g Freshwater
    Anubias, crypt., Java fern
    Giger, blue male crown tail betta

  3. Default

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    Can you tell me do you think it's possible to save this fish? I followed the person's advice in petco and I've learned much more since then when I bought the tank they sold me on a tetra water starter for fish tanks and told me to come back in a few days w a sample of my water when I went in a week later they told me my water was ready for fish. I see now it can take alot longer than a week for the tank to be ready so I will be checking and following the guide for fish in cycle now that they are in there. I'm afraid that the ghost shrimp ate my little buddy in his sleep. I don't know that he can recover from this. Thanks for the info anyways will be working the fish in cycle from here on out should be fine now that I have my testing kit.

  4. Default

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    You'll want to so larger water changes to start. At least 50%. You may loose all your fish, but it is possible they will make it. Guppies are very hardy fish. If they do pass, consider it a learning opportunity and switch to a fishless cycle.
    2.5g Freshwater
    Anubias, crypt., Java fern
    Giger, blue male crown tail betta

  5. #5


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    The key to completing a fish-in cycle is to test your water parameters daily and base the size of your water change on your test results to make sure you keep the ammonia and or nitrite levels no higher than 0.25ppm.

    For example, if you find you have 1.0ppm of nitrite, then you need to complete a 75% water change to lower it to 0.25ppm
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
    Fishless Cycle Cycling with Fish Marine Aquarium Info [URL=""]

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