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  1. Default i have a question regardin my FLOWER-HORN fish...please help,thank you

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    HELLO,I have a flower horn fish between 2.5''-3'' for about a month and it is little aggressive also.... I'm feeding it beef heart and pellets now...I'm concerned about the kok (head hump) it is just a slight curve at what age does it really come it doesn't have mark/flower on dorsal fin which means it is mostly a MALE (i read female have it on dorsal fin true?) but due to low size of kok(head hump) I feel its a female....what should i do i dont want a HUGE hump bt I expect atleast a normal one....but at this size it has a slight curvy kok what should i expect or do please would be truly gratefull.thank2014-10-26 18.01.09.jpg you. 2014-10-26 18.01.09.jpg

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    Here is what I found on Google;
    Every flowerhorn hobbyist’s goal is to make his flowerhorn cichlid develop a large kok. This is because the size its head is the single biggest determinant of quality and in many cases, its value. Below are some of the flowerhorn head growth secrets you should know as a hobbyist:

    The Flowerhorn Kok Gene
    The kok gene is the only factor that determines whether a louhan's head will develop into a large one. Without it, nothing you can do that will improve the kok size. The key here is to be able to determine whether your fish has it or not.

    In choosing a juvenile fish, select the one that already has a great showing or potential. Expert hobbyists know how to do this. If you are just starting out with this hobby, do not worry. In time, you will just develop this skill naturally.

    Do not assume that because its male parent has a huge nuchal hump, your purchase will have too. It is better to spend some extra cash on a great juvenile louhan than deal with the frustrations later.

    Given that your fish has already started showing some head/kok growth, here are the things you should look into to enhance it better

    Great Water Quality
    Water quality is second in the list since it directly affects your pet's health. Kok development is faster and more stable when your fish is in its best health condition. More tips on boosting the overall health of your flowerhorn.

    This means that you should develop and maintain a regular water change schedule. It is recommended to do a 30% partial water change once a week.

    If you are using a high performance filtration system, twice a month may suffice provided that you replace or clean your filter accessories regularly.

    Feeding Routine
    Another key here is feeding you fish with just enough flowerhorn food it can consume in a minute or two. Feeding large pellets to small fishes is also a common cause of poor water quality. Use pellet size suitable to your fish.

    Tank Size
    Choosing the right tank is essential in enhancing its nuchal hump development as well. 30-gallon tanks are the minimum in grooming a 2-3 inch juvenile. Keeping a single cichlid in a separate tank gives the fish chance to establish control over his territory.
    Dominance is a trait that tends to help in the development of nuchal humps. Many hobbyists recommend using a 50-gallon tank as a standard. For matured ones, the right size should be 80 gallons or bigger.

    Aquarium Lighting
    Aquarium lighting is a key factor in making nuchal humps grow bigger. In selecting the best aquarium light for flowerhorns, light intensity and color are the things you should consider.

    Feed Quality
    Using the right food in enhancing flowerhorn head growth is important too. For juveniles, protein content should be at least 35% of weight. Popular inexpensive commercial pellets include ALife, Hikari, and New Life Spectrum.

    Picture of one;
    Last edited by Plecos; 10-26-2014 at 07:50 PM.

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    I have never kept these fish, but from what I have read the "hump" develops when the fish starts to mature. Based on the estimated size of your fish in the posted pics, I would say your fish is still pretty young. I would not think you would see much of a hump until the fish is closer to it's fully adult size. I have also read that different strains of flowerhorns will also grow their :hump" at different growth rates as well.

    I know one other hobbyist here were I live that keeps them. He had told me these fish can easily get hole in the head disease so you really need to keep up on your water quality.
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
    Fishless Cycle Cycling with Fish Marine Aquarium Info [URL=""]

  4. Default

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    thank you so so so much it really helps me the things you mentioned will be really great or the fish...thankyou

  5. Default

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    hello cliff thank you very much yup u said it correct its young its my mistake i was too curious time will act upon the as u said i will surely tek care of the water i dnt want my pets to suffer thank u so much

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