Hey everyone,
I saw the emperor tetras in the expensive LFS and think they would be a great fit! All of the research I've done so far seems to say emperor tetras get to be about 2 inches, are of course schooling, should be added with 1-1 m/f ratio, and can be aggressive during breeding and have same origin as my current guys. I've been waiting for pairs of the mega red cockatoo cichlids but know there is a chance of aggression with the GBR and they will likely eat my small shrimp. I'm leaning toward adding the school of emperors but thought I'd get your opinions. Any suggestions or comments are appreciated!

Current set up:
I have 55 gallon heavily planted tank running for about 18 months. The filter is Cascade 100, PH 7.2, all readings healthy.
-8 rummynoses
-8 baby cardinals
-mature male GBR
-Spotted headstander
-mature BN pleco
-baby Golden nugget pleco
-mature Royal Farowella
-3 mature amano shrimp
-6 cherry shrimp (had about 2 weeks now, they are not being eaten by the GBR)