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  1. Default Consistant ICH problem!!

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    Ich's been ravaging my tank for over a week now. I've had the tank at 84F since I found out and I've been treating the water with a malachite green + formalin mix. I know the med's only effective when the parasite is in it's free-floating stage and I read somewhere that the white specs fall off within a couple of days of the water temperature being sustained at high temperatures (80-84F). I've been doing 25% water changes every 3 days as well but to no avail. This parasite's claimed three of my male guppies' lives!! So frustrated!! WHAT AM I DOING WRONG HERE!?!?!??!
    Last edited by Aeonflame; 04-04-2013 at 02:57 AM.

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    Might wanna get some extra air in there. The mix you get is fairly agressive. Are you getting your dosage right? If you do a 25% change you dilute the meds.

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    In order to get rid of ick, you need to stop the virus's life cycle. That will take longer than a week, likely closer to 3 or maybe 4 to do that

    Most people use heat & salt or meds for ick. You can get complications when combining both approaches

    As already suggested, add a airline to the tank. Both the meds and the higher temps will lower the oxygen levels in the water which will not help your fish
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
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    In my many fights with ich, the only combination that is relatively effective is heat and salt. The meds at my LFS don't work, it may be different with you, though. You can always expect at least 2 of your fish to die, unfortunately. If you want to prevent ich in the future use salt every water change and maintain good water quality. I know someone who prevented ich for 3 years using this method.

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    It took me 4 weeks of treatment to cure my ich.

    I used heat + salt and a high water change schedule.

    but ich comes from new fish or stressed fish.
    you can treat it all you want, but if you have an improper set up (stressed fish, poor filtration/water changes) it'll never go away

  6. Default

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    Thanks everyone! Yes, I upped the air flow rate the day the raised the temperature cause high temperatures makes O2 levels drop. The reason I'm super concerned is cause I read on a sticky thread (on here) that the ich spots should drop after a couple of days in a high temperature environment...guess it'll take alot longer than that then.

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    The spots drop when the parasite has completed that part of it's cycle.

    some take 2 days, others 5. but thats why you treat at least a week after you see the spots go away because the issue is still in the tank-just in another stage of life.

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    When you see the white spots, that's the shell of the ick and the rest is buried in the fish sucking it's blood. When they fall off, they fall to the bottom and reproduce. That's when they can be killed.

    Vac your gravel often to pick up hatching ick. I would also not be using heat and medications but one or the other.

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    Do you have carbon in your filter(s)? If so, carbon removes meds. You would need to remove the carbon and replace it once you are done treating the tank? A lot of people don't use carbon in the filters including myself. I used the heat and salt method during my outbreak. It took about 3-4 weeks for total treatment. Meds didn't work for me.

  10. Default

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    I'm using under-gravel filtration so carbon isn't an issue...I've noticed a couple of fish lose their spots in the past couple of days but two fish (my baby iridescent shark and a female guppy) that've got spots ALL OVER em haven't improved at all :/

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