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    Default Lake Tang research...

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    I've wanted a Lake Tang shellie tank since I first saw one on here. Unfortunately, up until now I didn't think I had any shellies available in my area -- but I discovered a store in my area selling Neolamprologus brichardi and Lamprologus occellatus "gold" for $55 each. And for the first time ever, I saw Altolamprologus calvus at my LFS for $99. Pretty pricy, I know.

    So I was just wondering, would there be a way of stocking a tank with these three species? The tank would have to be no larger than 30g. I see that some people stock their tanks with 1 A. calvus and a group of L. occellatus. What is the minimum tank size for them? Also, where would N. brichardi fit into a community equation? From my research I'm starting to gather that although they're in a similar family, they're not hugely compatible with the others.

    Thanks in advance. Pictures of peoples shellie tanks and stocking would be greatly appreciated!

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    0 Not allowed! is a place to start even t hough those guys do pack 'm in tight.

    If I was going to do this I'd start with two species at most and at those prices a pair of each.
    Also, two tips:
    1. read up on salt mixes and water hardness requirments
    2. do some searching, someone on your island must breed these fish, typically for cichlids once they start breeding they keep going.

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    You're not joking on packing them in tight -- 2 angelfish and 3 yoyo loaches in a 29? I can't imagine those angels would have any fins left at the end of it.

    Thanks for your help Dutchie -- I've asked around but so far I can't find anyone in the South Island who breeds these fish. There is someone in the North Island who is breeding the L. occellatus with $10 + $40 shipping, but he will only ship you more than 10 are bought.

    I understand the like hard water with high pH -- I was thinking of having silica sand mixed with crushed coral to boost the pH a little but haven't thought about it too much yet. My water is very neutral here, about 7.2. Also NO idea where I'm going to get the shells. I've never seen shells like the ones shellie's use for sale here.

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    Yeah, like I said, they pack 'm in tight. Don't know why but if you compare suggested stocking between American and European sites there's a difference.

    Lake tang water is a bit more complicated than simply adding crushed coral (a product I personally try to avoid, don't believe it's sustainable) als do some googling, I'm pretty sure fellow Dutchie and world famous cichlid expert Ad Konings has written something about it. He reviewed 1960s survey data I believe.

    Shells.... you're on an island, must be something?! I remember someone getting a batch of escargot shells from a French restaurant, that's apparently not that uncommon since there's ebay sellers offering these.
    Last edited by talldutchie; 04-03-2013 at 09:34 AM.

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