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  1. Default Fertilizer question

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    I have a couple of questions about feeding amazon swords . I am now using Flourish tabs , flourish liquid and flourish iron . I am not over doing it with the liquid because I am using the tabs . I have been using fertilizer for a month now and my plants have perked up and are doing great . The question I have is whenI do a water change once a week ,does it affect the fertilizer strength and should I refertilize after a water change . And does carbon in my filter draw out the fertilizer like it does to some meds that are used for treating fish .

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    It affects the amount of nutrients in the water column, but does nothing to the root tabs. Yes, you can add the liquid ferts right after the water change to get the nutrient levels back up. I don't know if there's really a consensus about how people feel about activated carbon in planted tanks, but I found this study that supposedly shows the AC stripping iron and manganese from the water. I never use it in my planted tanks just because it wouldn't really benefit me, and it's also better to be safe than sorry. Carbon is good to use for spot treatments, but with regular water changes it isn't necessary.

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    I always re-dose the tank with fertiliser after a water change. What you need to decide is whether to re-dose for the entire tank volume or just for the volume changed + a top up dose as per the manufacturers instructions. Many fertilisers require a higher dose for fresh water than the weekly top-up/refresh amounts. This is something you'll need to experiment with based on the amount of light and any CO2 (or liquid CO2 supplement) you might use, if any.

    Personally, I re-dose for the entire tank as the recommended dosing regime is to use it every week or two. Given that I have a heavily planted tank I am happy to dose at full whack (and often a bit more for good measure) every 5 or 6 days. I wouldn't recommend you try this unless you are confident that your plants are genuinely using up all the nutrients though. It's always safer to start at a half dose for a few weeks and play around with your balance from there.

    Why are you dosing iron as well as liquid ferts? Don't your ferts include iron? I would only dose additional elements if you have a confirmed deficiency in the tank. I regularly dose additional potassium and phosphates on days 2 and 4 in the week because I see clear symptoms of these deficiencies if I don't. I also use root tabs, like you do, and again - these are plugged in weekly around root-hungry plants like crypts and amazon swords.
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    Thanks for the replys , I am going to reapply the fertilizer after water change . Since I am using tabs and liquid I am not going to use a as strong of dose as derected . I am using Flourish tabs and liquid and so far so good . Thanks again


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    If you're interested do some further reading, estimative index or EI and redfield ratio are interesting concepts.

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