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  1. Default Stocking a 5 Gallon

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    I was at my local pet store and I noticed this 5 gallon bow front and I thought I have room for a second aquarium. I want to put a few little fish in it. Does anyone know if i could put any bumblebee gobies in my tank?The tank is an Aquon Mini Bow 5 Gallon.Please no guppies, mollies, or platies. Thanks

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    If you google Bumblebee Goby it will say minimum tank size 30 gallons. I would think this tank size was recommended for a few of the species since they are territorial.
    Have you checked out the micro rasbora's? There are a few species which would fit into your 5 gallon. On the other hand have you considered red cherry shrimp or another species of dwarf freshwater shrimp?
    A 5 gallon is a tough habitat. Good luck.
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  3. Default

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    Plus to Strider. The micro rasboras are really cool. You could also go with a betta or a small school of neons or cardinals.
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    Minus to strider and to fishmommy. Unless this is an exceptionally shaped 5 gallon you do not have the swimming space for these fish.

    Bumblebee gobies can be done, like may gobies it's a very inactive species, 2 should fit. PRoblem with those is that many species in the trade will do best if you transition to brackish.

    Australian desert gobies is another interesting choice for something of that size.

  5. Default

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    Thanks guys
    I think i`m just going to put 3 micro rosabora`s

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    Wrong decision IMO. These guys need a planted, tannin stained tank and a bigger group in a bigger tank to do well.

  7. Default

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    They are a shoaling fish - which means more than 3 and they like a lot of plants as mentioned above which will take away from the amount of swimming space they have - while it's nice you have the space for another tank, it's very important to stock it appropriately so the inhabitants are happy & comfortable.

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    Hm, that page needs an update. I think we're guessing now. Could be microrasbora, could be any of the boraras species which are a lot more common in the trade now.

  9. Default

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    Could i do 5 neons? Of course i would have it planted

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    I don't consider a fish that gets up to two inches micro. I do consider danio erythromicron, danio margaritatus, and boras brigittae micro fish because they all stay under 1 inch. They all have rasbora in their common name, but I don't recommend them for anything less than a 10 gallon tank because they are schooling fish and need a good sized group and room to play. I don't know much about the gobies so I will trust Talldutchies advice there. A 5 gallon is good for a bunch of shrimp, or the stereotypical betta and nerite snail. That size tank just doesn't give a lot of options for fish.

    I posted this while you were posting about he neons. They get up to 1.5 inches, still not suitable for a 5gallon because they also need a good sized group and room to play.
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