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Thread: Best Cory?

  1. Default Best Cory?

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    I'm looking into purchasing 10 corys after I get my 75g. What's the best cory in your opinion? Peppered? Panda? Albino?

    Along with the ten corys, the 75g will have 10 Ototcinclus & 20 Green Tetras.

    So far I'm going with 10 albino corys. Suggestions?
    10 Gallon: 5 Peppered Corys | Pool Filter Sand | x2 AquaTech 5-15 Power Filter | 2 plastic plants

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    Most cories commonly found in the pet trade are similar in care requirements. In this case it is more up to personal taste. However, if you want an opinion, out of the 3 you named, I would go with panda cories. Not too big (peppered) nor marked with the unnatural look of the albinos.

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    Okay then. As long as the experts here say it will look better. I also agree with the albino unnatural look now. Thanks.
    10 Gallon: 5 Peppered Corys | Pool Filter Sand | x2 AquaTech 5-15 Power Filter | 2 plastic plants

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    Hey, bottom line is its your tank and what pleases your eye should be what you stock! Have you looked around for other species of Cory yet? There are plenty more that are relatively common in the pet trade.

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    I have peppered and sterbai cories. Whilst the sterbais are arguably the best looking they are very shy. So really I prefer the peppereds. They are always out and about. Very endearing!
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    I agree with firefly~I've had peppered for years, fat happy bunch of fish they are. Only my experience with these, never had a school of any others though I'd like to have other tanks of other kinds of cories...

    I've noticed they're staying in the pricey range (+$5) at the local petsmart...been that way for over a year now..used to be less for these than others.
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    Peppered are probably the most hardy Cory also.
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    I have some three-lined corys in my tank. I love them! They are so cute, and I really love the pattern on their heads, looks like a maze! And the
    y are like fingerprints, no two have the same markings :)
    I also love the look of pandas :)
    Corys are probably my favourite fish right now

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    Default Best Cory?

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    I'd go with loaches. I think anyone that's kept both loaches and corys would agree that Corys have nothing on them.
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    I think Loaches would be a little tough on the otos IME. And for a peaceful tank, like it sounds you're going for, I'd go cories.

    I personally vote Pandas. I have owned Peppereds, Sterbais and False Julii/Three-Lined cories. I found the Peppers quite innactive and didn't do a lot, and the Sterbais very shy. The pandas are my favourites by far, in appearance and personality. They are very active and always in sight. I also really like the False Juliis/Three-Lined but they were a little more shy IME.

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