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    Mar 2013

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    Default 30 litre BioOrb need advice

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    So, I expected there was a chance of this happening.

    Quick story... Girlfriend's BioOrb was left to me when we split, it was fully cycled, working rather nicely, had 2 mooanda's, 2 danios, a rosy barb and 2 mountain minnows. I didn't really take it that seriously and wasn't doing water changes as often as I should have been. One of the moranda's came from a pet shop tank that had signs of fungal disease, but as one of the existing fish showed signs of this anyway, I figured it wouldn't mater as I was going to medicate the tank anyway.

    I added the correct amount of white spot treatment and within hours the traces of white fungus where gone. Great I thought. Came home from work 2 days later to find a minnow and the barb dead. Next day both danios dead. A day later the only one living was one minnow.

    I changed a lot of water and let the tank settle and the remaining fish stayed alive.

    I decided I would start taking this fish keeping seriously, I didn't really like the biorb as it has some complications regarding the under gravel filter and cleaning it etc. So I gave the tank to my mother and purchased my new tank.

    Having let her tank stabilize after it's move and 75% water change required to move it, for 3 days, 0 ammonia and low nitrates, I bought her 6 danios.

    I got a text from her last night saying that they were all dying, showing signs of white fungus.

    I was kinda hoping that wouldn't happen.

    As it's such a small tank, I'm proposing that she reset the tank by cleaning everything including the bio media gravel in boiling water and starting over. I know the fish probably won't survive this, but not much I can do to help them if the tank is infected.

    Any ideas?


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    Mar 2013

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    Just thought I'd give myself some stick for this before any of you do.

    This tank was a standard case of casual new comer fish keeper. Not researching the required maintenance, seeing maintenance as a chore and leaving it for months at a time, then doing too much all at once, like changing the entire filter sponge and carbon granules all at once. Not doing water changes, except maybe once every few months. Treating it more like a child's gold fish bowl won at a fare than an aquarium.

    When a fish would die ever 4 or 5 months I would shrug and think that was just normal. It was only recently when someone told me that a lot of my fish should expect a life span of many, many years that I started to twig.

    So they had been swimming in high nitrates, eating the same, most likely inappropriate food for months and months and I never really paid enough attention to them to notice they were stressed... and of course disease struck and became established in the tank, killing nearly everything.

    I was hoping that as one fish survived and looked healthy and now posessing a water test kit and the water tested okay, that adding more fish for my mother would be fine. Obviously not.

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    Mar 2013

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    Went round and took a look and retested the water. No ammonia, but nitrates through the roof it was tested to have very low nitrates less than a week ago now about 100ppm. I think the gravel is packed with rotting bio material that now includes 2 lost dead danios somewhere in it too. The one still breathing, but on his way out under a plastic plant has red gills. Nitrite/Nitrate poisoning?

    When the stones are disturbed fluffy white balls can be seen floating around and lots of particulate mater rising. I expect it's just my poor maintenance before I gave it to her :( When I was told not to wash the gravel I might have taken that too literally. We live and learn.

    No time tonight, going round tomorrow to clean everything down while the survivor (Chuck Noris) waits in a bowl, he's currently still in the tank he's survived so far... I'll try and see if I can wash the ceramic bio gravel in tank water to save a full cycle, the rest can be scrubbed with boiling water and the plants in bleach.

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    Mar 2013

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    Turns out there was a large amount of crud stuck well under the stones and under/around the fixed filter assembly. Stones cleaned in tank water and the filter sponge reused. All cleaned out and the white mountain minnow still lives after the 100% water change, I think he is immortal or something. Signs are good as he has been reported hunting high and low for food all over the tank and eats heartily once fed. So all should be back to normal and in future the stones need to be lifted out periodically and the rubbish that collects under them removed.

    You probably already know the BioOrbs have issues and I believe this is one of them, gravel hoovering doesn't really work that well as the stones are so big stuff falls through and collects around the filter base over time.

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