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Thread: Live Bloodworms

  1. Default Live Bloodworms

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    I was thinking of using a separate 10g aquarium for raising bloodworms. Is this a good food for cory cats/fathead minnows/black kuhli loaches/ghost shrimp? I figured corys would eat them because bloodworms naturally sink, and I figured the loaches would eat them because they are always on the bottom. But I'm not sure about any of these.

    My plan is to put my current bloodworms (from a bucket in my yard) into the 10g and add about 2" of water. I'll add a piece of driftwood and feed them crushed triops food or zucchini/algae wafers. (Do bloodworms eat stuff like I plan to feed them?) Then I'll put a screen-cover over it, and just extract bloodworms from it to feed my fish.

    Is this a good idea?
    10 Gallon: 5 Peppered Corys | Pool Filter Sand | x2 AquaTech 5-15 Power Filter | 2 plastic plants

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    Most fish will relish bloodworms, but the thing is you can't culture them like say, microworms or white worms or black worms. Bloodworms are the larval form of a flying insect(a midge). In order to complete its life cycle, a bloodworm will have to metamorphose into a midge which lays eggs which become more bloodworms. So unless you want insects flying around everywhere...

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    So if I put the tank outside without a cover, it would probably be okay?
    10 Gallon: 5 Peppered Corys | Pool Filter Sand | x2 AquaTech 5-15 Power Filter | 2 plastic plants

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    Yes of course, that is why you find the bloodworms in outdoor ponds. With lots of space to fly around the midges will also be less likely to drown in the pool of water they originate from. The bucket/container should be exposed to sunlight and should be "seeded" with detritus. However in this case the larger the contain the better as a small sun-exposed body of water will experience drastic temperature swings killing off your bloodworms

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    So if I put some fallen leaves in the tank and wait for them to sink, I'll be ready for the BWs to go in?
    10 Gallon: 5 Peppered Corys | Pool Filter Sand | x2 AquaTech 5-15 Power Filter | 2 plastic plants

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    I found this info:

    It discusses at the bottom what you are looking to do - I hope it's helpful

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    There's a Stickie thread in the Food section about the Cultering of Live Foods written by Dave66.

    You need to keep in mind that fish can not live on blood worms only. They are given a couple times a week as a treat and still need their staple food.

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    So if I feed my fathead minnows TetraMin Tropical Crisps as the main food, and then treat them to live bloodworms 2-3 times a week, would that be okay? As you said, only a couple of times a week, so I'm thinking 2-3, no more.

    I hope they even like the bloodworms :/
    10 Gallon: 5 Peppered Corys | Pool Filter Sand | x2 AquaTech 5-15 Power Filter | 2 plastic plants

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    That schedule would be ok but I'd add brine shrimp in there once or twice a week as well the more variety the better. Also I'd use a better quality flake I'm using Ken's Tropical Flakes right now and my blood fins love them. Others well suggest different flakes but I don't think there is much difference in good quality food its just personal preference.
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    Just know that you will be attracking mosquito larvae and their mother to the party by doing this.

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