I went to Petsmart and they were helping me choose my Africans beause I normally have Central American Cichlids. I chose 5 Mbuna 2 Red Zebras, A Yellow Lab, An Acei, and an Afra. I wanted a Jewel because one was absolutely beautiful he said it would be better to come back later after the other fish set up their areas in the tank and then I would be ok to let 1 or 2 Jewels in. I said fine waited a few weeks and went back and grabbed up a Male and Female Jewel. The Male is smaller but I wasnt worried about that at all. Anyways I already had a Blood Parrot and he told me it would be fine. Now I have 2 Red Zebras 2 Jewels and the Blood Parrot. 3 fish were eaten by the Female Jewel. My questions are will the Jewels kill the Red Zebras?? I know they arent messing with the Blood Parrot because he is a litttle bigger than them but the Red Zebras are around the same size as the Jewels, should I get 3 more Red Zebras and let them have their own little pack or remove the both of them and just have the Jewels and Blood Parrot. They are all in a 55 Gal.