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    Question Possible Loach Mixup

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    Hello everybody!
    I need some help for a new tank that I might be setting up soon. The fact is that I live in fairly big city, and I don't live anywhere close to any local fish stores. This makes my only option to, unfortunately, buy fish from Petsmart. The problem in all this is that I was hoping to have some Black Kuli Loaches in my tank and Petsmart says that Black Kuli Loaches look like this: pPETS-6963377r200.jpg and Google images says that Black Kuli Loaches look like this: Unknown-6.jpeg. Is this because Petsmart is showing a picture of juveniles or do they have the wrong fish? It would be great if somebody could give me the answer.
    "A room without books is like a body without a soul."

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    With most bottom dwellers fin configuration says more that colour variations.

    Tip for you, stop focussing on species and tiny details, start planning!

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    With loaches I have noticed the same common name can house many fish that look a little different from each other.

    Example, I have fish that were sold as peppered dojo loaches but after a year of having them we are convinced they are just peppered loaches. Still great fish they just became more pattern defined as they grow.

    I really havent had problems like mislabelings from petsmart. I think you will be fine with them.

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    That's why latin names are useful, no common name confusion.

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    There are several "kuhli loach" species, some easier to differentiate than others. Their care requirements aren't different enough for it to really matter what species you have, except for trying to maintain an appropriate school. The black kuhlis from petsmart are always brown - in my opinion they always have the same species. But as you said, there can be a difference in how a fish looks by age, as well as by the environment of the tank, and in some cases by the region in which they were collected. Is color alone enough to be considered a different species? Certainly is not with us... But that's one of the challenges scientists face when categorizing fish - what is different enough to warrant separation?

    However, just because a store has a scientific name listed doesn't mean that that's the kind of fish it is. Fish don't come with bar codes (at least not scannable ones...) so ultimately someone is making the call that this fish is that and that one is this.
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    Okay, thank you all. I always try to make sure I know details since they can make differences in aquariums, but I do get carried away sometimes... :)
    Thanks for your help,
    "A room without books is like a body without a soul."

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