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    Default Lighting advice - I is scared!

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    Hey all! I'm soooo on the cusp of having my 90 gallon setup completed. I need to order the lights asap so I went on to order the light that I have chosen and I had a sudden moment of panic. The light I picked is the Odyssea T5 HO 216w quad deluxe light fixture. I was drawn to this because of the built in timer and the LED Moonlights. Cliff had recommended only running 2 bulbs at a time though since I am currently just doings a low - med light setup. I just wanted to get a light that I could transition to a high tech CO2 setup without having to buy a new fixture.

    Here's my concern. I have a full canopy on my tank. It's not an option to remove it because I intend it to keep my cat and my child out of my tank. I measured on the inside of the canopy and it is 29 inches wide and it sits 5 inches off the top of the tank. So I'm sure this light will be a tight squeeze horizontally with only 1 inch of wiggle room, but I also am concerned that it is going to be too tall if I put it on the mounting legs that come with the lighting unit.

    Will it be a problem to just rest the light directly on the edges of the aquarium? I have some panes of glass that I can lay across the top of the tank to separate the light from the water if that's a concern. Will it compromise the efficiency of the light if it has to pass through the glass to penetrate the plants below?

    Thanks for reading over this. I really don't want to buy this if it isn't going to work for my setup. I need to keep the lighting budget in the $100 - $150 range. If anyone has any other suggestions for a unit better suited to my setup I am open to that as well.
    120 gallon FW bowfront in progress

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    I've wrecked a 170 dollar lighting fixture by doing just that. The legs aren't there for nothing, they are there to keep an adequate distance between the fixture and everything else so that the fixture can cool itself down. It also isn't recommended to enclose a light fixture in any way due to the same reason; they need to be able to cool down properly and won't be able to do so in a confined space.
    Have you looked into a glass top/glass canopy under the fixture? Or are your minions a bit too rambunctious for that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by madagascariensis View Post
    Have you looked into a glass top/glass canopy under the fixture? Or are your minions a bit too rambunctious for that?
    I have. My cat is insanely smart. He is able to open the lid on my ten gallon. I had to tape the lid on my AC30 and I had to install a latch system on the hood lid to keep him out. I had a glass cover on my 10 gallon at one point and he managed to break it. The thought of putting glass over the 90 gallon and having him break that too seems catastrophic.

    I'm not opposed to drilling holes in the canopy, on the top and installing some type of mesh or wire to ventilate. Are there any good plant lights that will fit under a canopy? Even if I have to sacrifice the timers and moon leds.
    120 gallon FW bowfront in progress

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    What is your distance from substrate to light height? and how deep is the tank?

    If you are concerned with the heading/height of a fixture-then you might look at LED's-run much more cool and are way thinner.

    I've had great success with my finnex fugeray on my 40b, but my tank isn't that tall. on a 90, you may look at the ray2-but that puts you in med-high algae is a big concern too.

    just my 0.02

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    well under a canopy led lights would be the best since they are the least heated and the least bulky but they still need some air...
    could you remove the roof of the canopy and install a screen across it? maybe some cross bracing to support the canopy and screen. if you could do this, you could also use the canopy as a fixture for the light by attaching the light to the cross bracing of the canopy. if you decide to do this then i would advise using an aluminum bracing. something that 1 wont catch fire, and 2 wont trap heat against your light.

    about the leds... there are ways to dim them a bit...
    Last edited by genocidex; 03-29-2013 at 06:15 PM.
    I wonder if i plant one of my tiger barbs would the demon seed grow to a full tree?
    gotta love them bunnies!
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    Well I'd rather pay $200 for a light that is going to work well than $100 for a light that is not. I'm a total noob when it comes to all the lighting options available.
    Do LED's work just as efficiently for plants as t5s?
    I believe my tank is 24 inches tall. I'm planning on 2-3 inches of blasting sand so that would put the light about 21-22 inches from the substrate.

    Is this the one you are referencing Mizz?

    I could definitely do that with replacing the canopy with some screen or breathable materail Genocidex. Then the lights could go right up on the canopy, but if I can avoid making major alterations to the canopy that are potentially displeasing to the eye, I'll pay a little more for that too.
    120 gallon FW bowfront in progress

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    Oooo or this one which is the regular, not the 2
    It says 24 total watts with that one even plant friendly?
    120 gallon FW bowfront in progress

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    What plants do you want to grow?

    the par values for the fugeray at that distance will put you at low-mod light.

    but my fugeray has been very plant friendly. I had a nice turn around of my failing planted tank when I put this fixture on. great spread of the light
    if you order from aquavibrant-the fixtures run like 10bucks cheaper than amazon. (its where I bought mine)

    Gen-is correct though that some air needs to circulate in, but with an LED-you should be okay to just drill some holes in the back of your canopy for air flow. my fixture gets a little warm, but not hot by any means.

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    I don't know what plants I'm getting. I have a guy that is putting together a custom plant package for me based on my setup, so the good thing is, I can tell him about the change in my lighting and he can tailor the package with plants that will grow well in that lighting.
    Maybe my canopy is different than some others, but the entire back of it is open so that's good because the top, front and sides would be covered, but there's a big 4 foot by 5 inch opening along the back. Will that be sufficient ventilation?
    I don't have plans to get into CO2 any time soon so as long as this would be sufficient for a densely planted low - med light tank I may go this route instead.
    120 gallon FW bowfront in progress

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    I use my fixture on my 90 gallon sitting over glass tops. That's been keeping my cats out of the tank for a few years now, and lord knows how hard they try some days. I do have a standard sized 90 gallon tank 48" long, 18" wide, and 24 inches tall

    When I had only mid to low light plants and no CO2, I found using only two of the bulbs worked fine with 6700K bulbs.

    Now that I have CO2 and some higher demanding plants, I use 2 bulbs for the full duration of the lighting period an all four bulbs for about half of the lighting period. So far it has been working OK, but I am only a few weeks into using CO2.

    If you choose to try something like that, make sure you can control the bulbs separatly. Mine fixture has a 3 way biult in timer so I can control the first two bulbs with one timer setting, the next two bulbs with a second timer setting, and the moon lights with a third timer setting.

    I can't offer much in the way of advice for LEDs in a FW tank as I have never used them for that
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
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