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    Default Otocinclus Information

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    Hello everybody! I have been thinking of getting some Otocinclus. All i currently know about them is:
    They grow to about 2 inches long.
    They need water between 72 and 79 degrees fahrenheit.
    They need a minimum of a 10 gallon tank.
    They live 3-5 years.
    They are bottom swimmers.

    Could somebody please provide me with some more information about them so that I know how to best take care of them if I get some??

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    Otocinclus will need a lot of plants, fake ones are acceptable but real ones are best. They aren't bottom dwellers, but will spend a lot of time on decorations and leaves eating off algae and biofilm. When first acquired, otocinclus often are malnourished and near death. The first priority after getting otocinclus is to get them feeding. If they survive for about a month after purchase, then they've made it past their critical point and will become rewarding, relatively hardy aquarium residents. Some otos will start the bad habit of sucking the slime off other fish when they are hungry or starving. Once they start it is near impossible to wean them off the habit so it is best to always keep them well fed. Otos should always have slightly round bellies. If they look bloated, especially when recently purchased, they likely have an infection and will probably succumb. If they are gaunt and have concave bellies they will need more food. Supplemental feeding can be in the form of algae wafers and various other vegetables especially cucumber or zucchini. Stick it on a fork or a veggie clip and replace every two days.

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    Seems like you're ready to dive into the hobby with all these threads lol. They are algae eaters and require some amount of algae to be present in the tank at all times. If you don't have algae, then you have to supplement with algae wafers. They are typically delicate fish due to the methods used to catch them in the wild and thus you might find that half your fish die within the first few months. You don't necessarily have to do be doing something wrong, its just one of those things. Few people however have kept most if not all of theirs alive for years.

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    Thank you both for this information! It will soon be quite helpful to me! :D

    You're right homemadepopcorn, I definitely can't wait to start fish keeping. I have in the past, but I really wasn't "into it" as I am now.

    Thanks for answering every single one of my threads so far homemadepopcorn! :)

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    Additional thing, they prefer soft water

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