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    Talking Dr_Lew's 29 Gallon Office Aquarium

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    I am lucky enough to have my own office where I work. It's a nice office, comfortable and with plenty of space. The only real downside is that it is in a basement area, and the only window I have looks out on a concrete embankment. Obviously, I need a bit of nature at the office, so I've set up an aquarium. It's a standard 29 gallon tank with stock 17w hood and stand--nothing fancy, might upgrade the hood eventually, but solid.

    I used plain black plastic for the background, Black Daimond 20/40 "sand" for the substrate, and some fake wood ornaments for hardscape. Here's the results so far:

    2013-03-19 08.24.42.jpg

    That's with the first piece of hardscape. It took some time to acquire the second piece, but I think it was worth it:

    2013-03-19 08.34.40.jpg

    I'll also be putting in a few small cichlid stones, as I'm wanting to eventually add shrimp and they'll probably want lots of hiding places.

    The rest of the hardware consists of an Eheim 150w heater, and will have a Marineland Penguin 250 HOB filter with biowheel once it finishes cycling in my future culture tank. There will also be lots of plants. I'm thinking twisted val, hornwort, anacharis/elodea, water sprite, java moss for ground-cover, and possibly something floating like frogbit or red-root floater if I can find a source, and an amazon sword for a specimen plant. A posse of Maylasian Trumpet Snails will also be added, given the depth of the substrate, and I'll use root tabs to enrich it for the plants.

    For other inhabitants, the plan is some mollies--probably plain black or black lyretail--a school of about a dozen celestial pearl danios, and red cherry shrimp for sure. Probably, there will also be otocinclus (eventually) and a dwarf gourami for a centerpiece (withor without girlfirends, not sure yet). If I have room, a school of cories would not be out of the question. That ought to fill the tank up pretty well.

    The cycling process for the filter is (finally) nearing completion (that saga is documented in my culture tank journal) so I'm thinking next weekend is probably when I'll move the filter, introduce the snails, plant, and add the first fish (almost certainly the mollies).

    I'm quite excited!

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    Looking good! Excited to see what you do with it :)
    3 Gallon Planted Betta Tank
    4 gallon planted Aqueon Evolve Dwarf Puffer Tank

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    Well, after finally feeling certain that the filter had a proper cycle (long story, to be related in my 10g culture journal) my 29g is now fully up and running, is planted, and has its first inhabitants.

    For plants, I wound up with lots of hornwort, anacharis/elodea, some water sprite (hopefully this will do better for me this time--any tips?) some red myrio, and an amazon sword, which is small just yet, but I'm sure it will grow.

    Here's everything before it went in:

    2013-04-13 11.14.27.jpg

    Of course, the tank is pretty cloudy after all the disturbance, but here is a general pic:

    2013-04-13 18.10.15.jpg

    The MTS have been transfered over. The largest--and hardiest, it seems--I have nicknamed "big Bertha" and I'm surprisingly fond of "her" given she's a snail.

    2013-04-13 16.41.41.jpg

    As for fine, finned inhabitants, I'm starting with a quartet of black mollies (1M, 3F). Here they are enjoying their "float the bag" acclimation to their new home:

    2013-04-13 16.42.00.jpg

    Along with these, I also added 8 ghost shrimp. My original desire had been Red Cherry Shrimp, but the LFS was carrying ghost shrimp, I wanted to support them, and these guys ought to do the job of general scavenging and hair-algae eating. They, of course, were treated to drip acclimation. Here's a shot of two of them in their new home:

    2013-04-13 18.12.44.jpg

    It's a cell phone shot, so it's pretty iffy, but these guys are definitely a lot of fun to watch.

  4. Default

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    Looking good! It will also bring some good feng shui to your office.

  5. #5


    0 Not allowed!
    Thanks, Berylla. Enhancing the office environment is definitely the idea. I'm really enjoying it so far.

  6. #6


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    Well, yesterday was definitely what I'd call a red-letter day. I now have babies!

    There were some startup issues the first week--mainly a mini-cycle causing nitrites to be present. That is probably what cost me two of the four mollies, but the survivors, both females, seem to be doing quite well. As of yesterday, the mini-cycle was officially over, with all wastes being fully converted. So that was a happy milestone. But there was more in store....

    Just as I was about to leave for the day, I took one more look at the tank to admire it on my way out, when I caught sight of a very tiny speck hovering at the surface. Sure enough, it was a baby molly. As of this morning, I estimate the little guy or gal has for our five siblings hiding in and among the many plants. Knowing how fecund livebearers are, I'm leaving it up to nature to determine who makes it, and I'll see if my LFS is interested in any of them once they are grown out. Some appear to be sort of silver-grey or olive-drab right now, but some show a hint of more pigmentation.

    And speaking of survivors, the shrimp seem to have made it though everything just fine. There are several who are obviously female and heavily berried, though I have no idea if any of the larva can/will make it in my tank with fish and power filtration. I do have the filter intakes screened, so perhaps that will help.

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