After a bit of research, I've compiled a list of aquarium water care products.

Seachem Prime: The best water care in my opinion. As long as you follow the measurement guides, it will remove all ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, as well as remove chlorine and chloramines. Prime also supposedly "promotes the production and regeneration of the natural slime coat", however I have not experimented with that yet. I recommend this.

API Stress Coat: Aquarium Pharmaceuticals makes some very good products, and I believe this is one. This product removes chlorine and chloramines, as well as detoxifies heavy metals. Aloe vera extract helps replace fish slime coats and reduce stress. I recommend this.

API Stress Zyme: Another API product that amazes me. Live bacteria help keep biological activity inside your filter, and this also helps clean water. I've noticed that it does somewhat help clean the water, but I'm not entirely sure that aspect is true yet. I'd recommend this to a friend.

Top Fin Bacteria Supplement: I don't recommend a few Top Fin products, but this one I do. It helped me (at least) cycle my tank fairly quickly, and is averagely priced. I'd recommend this to a friend.

Kordon Rid-Ich Plus: I haven't tested this product, but my cousin has. I've studied her tank before and after she used the Rid-Ich, and the fish's health did improve. I'd recommend this product.

Thanks for reading. I'll update tomorrow as it's pretty late...