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    Default Need help. 18 Fish in a 10 Gallon tank

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    I just started 4 days ago and I have the following in a 10 gallon tank

    5 Common Goldfish (0.38 cents each at wal-mart)
    6 Black Moors (2.00 each at walmart)
    1 Pleco (algae eater gotten at petland 2.99)
    1 Bala Shark (Petland 4.99)
    2 Danio (Petland 1.00 each)
    1 Fantail Goldfish (Petland 4.99)
    1 Calico Koi (I think thats what it is. 4.99 Petland)
    1 Shubunkin (4.99 Petland)

    I have a 20 gallon long tank I am currently using for my Royal Ball Python that I could transfer into an aquarium if I need to.

    Do I need to do anything? The biggest one is the Shubunkin and about 2 inches give or take.

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    You might care the read the size chart for goldfish in my signature.

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    I didn't realize they got so big. I'm guessing I will need to upgrade once they start getting bigger. I have 100.00 to spare so if you know where I can get a 55 gallon tank or bigger for that price I would love to know. They would probably be alot happier in that lol.

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    Getting a 55 gallon is a well intended but ultimately futile attempt. For the stock you have, which consists of 7 goldfish capable of reaching 7 inches and another 6 that will exceed a foot, a pleco that likely is a common pleco capable of reaching 1.5 feet, a balance shark which is active, social and will eventually exceed a foot too, and a koi which might just top 2.5 feet, you would have to get something along the lines of a large pond to keep them happy long term. I would suggest finding suitable homes for your fish or returning them to the pet store and start restocking with alternative species that will fit in a ten gallon. Please thoroughly research potential size, compatibility and care requirements of all your stock from now on.

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    ALL your fish need to be returned. You have nothing that belongs in a 10 gallon tank. Koi's get two feet and are pond fish.

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    Excellent advice from our members. Do you intend to heed it?
    <-- Click for journals
    "There is no right way to do the wrong thing." - KingFisher "Only bad things happen fast in this hobby" - Cliff Boo train boo train boo train boo train woohoo

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    +1. You're going to need to take EVERYTHING back, and then read up on fishless cycling.

    After you have cycled, your tank may be appropriate for a school of Neons, or some shrimp.

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    If I got a 50 gallon and a 29 gallon would that help over getting rid of them? Eventually I'll get a 120 gallon tank. Seeing all of them but 1 are are no bigger then my pinky or thumb so like an inch in half max could I suffice for like 6 months and then purchase a 125 gallon tank or something to go with a 50 gallon and 29 gallon?

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    It won't work with your fish in a ten gallon. If you could at least get a 29 gallon and keep a stringent maintenance routine then it might be plausible. Some fish, howev, are just too far gone. The koi really needs a minimum of 500 gallons and a few buddies too. The bala shark and all the common and shubunkin goldfish are similar in that aspect. If you could rehome all the aforementioned fish, and then move the danios and fancy goldfish into a 29 gallon it might work. But remember, goldfish grow fast with proper care.

  10. Default

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    The bala shark is a schooling fish that should be at least kept in a school of 4 or more and they get huge, like over a foot long. They need a very large tank. Gold fish and koi get large as well and I don't think they would like the same waters as tropical fish. Not to sound mean, but I think you may need to return some of those fish or invest heavily in a much much larger tank..... like 500 gal. I have had bala that were 14 inches before I had to get rid of them, and I currently have a foot long pleco..... they just keep growing.

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