Are we not able to discuss controversial topics like this without someone taking offence? I don't think raising the issue is inappropriate - this is a fish forum. Why can't we discuss things that not everyone agrees on? That's the interesting part!

I've read this article before and I agree there are better fish to buy (and support the breeding of) than BPs.

I've owned one before, when I was a teenager - I bought it because it was so interesting and bizarre-looking, only later finding out that it is a Frankenstein fishy. I can't say I'd ever buy one again knowing how they're bred and how many have mouth problems.

Likewise, in the dog world - I'd also never contribute to the breeding of bulldogs, or german shepherds, or chihuahuas.

In an ideal world we would all breed animals for health and temperament. Sadly, the world isn't like this because people have ulterior motives in breeding (size, colour, weight, shape).