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    Default New Here, and Need Goldfish Tank Help- Thank You!

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    Hello all :)

    Last year, my daughter won 2 goldfish from the carnival. This was unexpected, and at midnight that night, we found ourselves at Walmart for fish stuff (only thing opened). We got the only tank they had, a filter, etc.

    Well I have been doing some reading, and so it seems out fishies, who amazingly are still alive, need a bigger tank. I also believe the filter we have is subpar (it is not strong enough for our messy fish).

    I want to have what is best for them! However, I am now worried we picked out a wrong tank!! Worse, is that we had to travel 3 hours to buy the tank, filter etc. Once we got home, the filter does not fit in the back of the tank because there is a partition (width-wise). The black strip going length-wise in the photos is only to divide the glass opening for feeding cleaning etc.! I though I was getting all good information, but after reading here on these forums, wider is better! I am so sad and not sure what to do. Will this tank make the fish happy?

    We have 2 goldfish, and the new tank is a 56 gallon. It is taller than your normal tank, not like a "wide" tank. No idea what the other tank is- maybe a 10 or 20 gallon, but it is in photo below, with our growing fish. I am just dreading figuring out how we are going to get this tank back to the store, and get another back here. If the fish would be happy, I would like to keep it, but if not, then I want to take it back. I can probably go about 2 feet longer than what is shown in picture, as we can move the chair to the left more. But I would rather not, because I think we need another pet cage (our new rats are not getting along). But I do like this tank and like the cabinet underneath!

    The other problem is the filter! The filter is too wide to fit into the back, due to there being a partition right smack down the center (width-wise) the tank. I have 12 1/2" on each side of the partition. I should have researched first before all this. And I assumed when the pet store guy gave me that filter after helping me pick out a tank that it would fit! Can I have 2 filters on each side of the partition? The filter I got is Marineland Bio-Wheel Penguin 350. Says it filters up to 70 gallons. How much filters power would you recommend? And if I got 2 filters (which it seems I can), how much power for each filter?

    What should I do?


    (PS I am trying to put a photo in my post but it comes up with red exclamation point), so I think they are attached?

    Thank you so much!!
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    I see you are trying really hard to remedy this situation, and I completely sympathize with the frustration you are enduring in trying to do the right thing. Before you drive yourself more nutters, lets see if I can be of any assistance.

    Since the new tank is not currently set up, full of water and running, I would return it, if at all possible. The reason is, not that it is a bad tank, but considering your goldfish are likely comets, 56 gallons will be outgrown faster than you realize. Comets grow up to a foot long, and housing them in too small an enclosure so they can't reach their potential is going to wreak havoc on their health. I know this from personal experience, having had Comets, first in a ten gallon (Eghads the horror!), then a 29 gallon, and then......... bit the bullet and built a pond! Now, I'm not expecting you to go out digging in your backyard to make a goldfish oasis, but realistically you should purchase and run the BIGGEST tank you can afford.

    You can use the 56, and if you do, be aware that in approximately a year and a half or so, you'll find some cramping carp in your tank, which goldfish actually are. You will have to deal with that at some point in the future.

    That said, if you do nothing else, return the filter, it is as the picture shows much too large for that type of tank. Split top tanks are meant to run with TWO filters running simultaneously. Two filters, actually end up being better than one, and do a much better job. I would recommend two Aquaclear 50's, one on each side of the tank in the back. Goldfish are messy fish, so the more filtration the better. The general idea is to have DOUBLE the filtration capacity of gallons of the tank. If you can't find this filter in a store (most chain stores carry them like petco/petsmart), they are very easy to order online from those companies or even at great discounts from other pet online stores. Shop around for the best prices. Since the tank is currently not set up, and they fish are housed currently, ordering might be your best bet.

    The other thing I would stress is Aeration. Goldfish use up a phenomenal amount of oxygen in the water, so adding in an airstone with an air pump is crucial. I do NOT recommend the "bubble walls" that go on the back of the tank, as the air coming up will do a number with damage on the filters as the intakes take the air in. Use a small stone or one of the aeration "disks" which can be placed between the filter intakes so the bubbles don't get sucked up into the filters.

    I hope this has helped you, and I wish you good luck in making a proper home for these fish, which obviously, you have the best intentions for!
    2 10 gallon tanks, 1 20 gallon tank, 1 Fluval Edge, 1 29 gallon tank, and one backyard pond.

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    I agree with everything Tiari said, but would alter the filtration plan a little. Rather than 2 hang on the back filters I would get one canister filter rated for double the size of the tank you end up with. I am personally very attached to HOB filters so if this was my tank, I would have an AquaClear in addition to the canister.
    Goldfish are messy messy fish and I don't think you could overdo the filtration. Most will tell you that Eheim and Fluval are the best canisters, but they are also the most expensive. I have heard great things about the cheaper canisters (Rena, Odyssey, SunSun aka Aqua top) so those are options if the budget is tight after getting a larger tank.
    I personally only own an Eheim and I have not had it long enough to form an opinion about it yet.
    120 gallon FW bowfront in progress

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