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  1. Post Poll: Electric Blue Dempsey + ??

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    Please vote for most compatible mate(s) for an Electric Blue Jack, in a 55g?

    A) 2 Keyholes (pair)

    B) 1 Rainbow cichlid

    C) 1 Convict

    D) other ( if so, please explain)

    Also, if you reply would you also please mention some dither fish and/or bottom dweller that will coexist with my choices.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would probably leave it as just him as the King of the tank with a nice school and a few bottom-dwellers. 55g isn't a big tank. It also depends on the nature of the EBJD. Mine is an absolute puss and hides constantly if he's not the biggest thing in the tank. Certainly wouldn't put him with a pair of anything. They are often not very good eaters so I wouldn't suggest putting him with anything which feeds aggressively (like most other cichlids).

    Tiger Barbs and Giant Danios make good dithers. Colombian or Congo tetras could work too but Tetras are more scatty than Cyprinids in my experience.

    You might be able to get away with a school of Emerald Brochis cories, or maybe Zebra Loaches. My Yoyo loaches get on fantastically with my SA/CA cichlids, and Zebras have similar temperaments only smaller. A couple of Bristlenosed Ancistrus would also work.

  3. Default

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    With cichlids it becomes hit and miss, and with EBJD, it is even more so due to the average EBJD being more frail than the typical JD. Cichlid aggression will just lead to stress on the EBJD, and possible sickness. If the EBJD is your centerpiece, I would suggest no other cichlids with it.

  4. Default

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    Thanks for the advice guys.
    I wonder if it's worth the time and money on an EBJD?
    I think I'd like to give it a go though.
    Not sure about Tiger Barbs. I like them a lot but want the EBJD eat them later, and would they nip on his fins? Or is it like what was mentioned of the EBJD, they're less aggressive?
    Would it be more appropriate to use Danios?, or is there something
    with more color?..or some from same area as Dempsey?

    Thanks for anymore advice helping my plans for a happy EBJD.

    On the other hand, i am also thinking of possibly going with a pair of Keyholes, and thinking I would a few more options, yes?

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    I'm confused -- did you say you want the EBJD to eat the Tiger Barbs later?

    I doubt he would eat them but there's always a chance. I doubt they'll touch his fins. I had Tiger Barbs with my severums and they left each other alone. Giant Danios would be just as good, it's just down to personal preference. Not regular danios though -- these will become a snack to him later on. The nice thing about Tiger Barbs though is that the different colour varieties will all school together, so you can have 5 regular, 5 gold and 5 green for example.

    If you're after something from the same area (or close to) there are Colombian Tetras, Congo Tetras, Beunos Aires Tetras, among others. I quite like Colombians. Black Skirts may also work as they get pretty big.

    The same tetras will all work with a pair of keyholes. Or what about a pair of Firemouths?

  6. Default

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    Firemouth are ugly, IMHO. I've had one before.
    I never saw Keyholes before. I watched a nice video of a pair on YouTube and they look nice.

    Thx for the advice on the tetras.

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