I found the Evolve 4 at my local Petco for $34.98 and couldn't resist!

I decided to set it up and try my hand at some plants again. I'm thinking of putting a dwarf puffer in here as I've had them before and really enjoy them.

I purchased sand(I've never used sand before, but I Love the look of it) and a piece of driftwood and set it up:

I replaced the filter cartridge with a bag of carbon, a big foam pad and put biomax on the right side where the pump is:

Today I went out and purchased some plants! Purchased an anubias and two java fern. I also started cycling the tank.

The front right corner looks lonely. I'm not completely satisfied with how the tank looks. Thinking of adding moss or something. Any suggestions? I really want to put in some dwarf hairgrass but I don't know how to plant it with the sand?