No. Flea bombs are not available on the consumer market over here. It was a topic on another forum some time ago. I took the trouble to look into it a bit and found a very toxic product. Problem with that particular bomb (can't remember the brand name) is that it left a residue which was not exactly safe.

I do know that quite a lot of flea powders use Pyrethrines and that's really toxic to aquatic life (0.1mg/liter will wipe out most fish)

Now, the first product on the NZ market I find isMorthein flea bomb. Active ingredients:

Permethrin is a syntetic cousin of Pyrethrines. Both affect neurtransmitters. Permethrin is toxic to cats and fish. Both are linked to reduced intelligence in humans.

Fenoxycarb is a funny one, it's almost harmless to mammals and birds but, again, aquatic life doesn't take well to it:

Fenoxycarb is considered moderately to highly toxic to fish with LC50s ranging from 0.66 ppm for rainbow trout to 1.5 ppm for carp. Fish can accumulate fenoxycarb in their bodies up to 300 times the concentration in the water (1). Fenoxycarb is also considered highly toxic to Daphnia (LC50 = 0.6 ppm). However, under labeled use conditions the highest concentrations which the compound should reach are far below (0.1% to 1.0%) the levels of concern for acute toxicity to fish and invertebrates.

In one study, bluegill sunfish accumulated only twenty times the amount of the compound's concentration in the water. Tissue residues of the pesticide quickly declined after the fish were placed in pesticide-free water (6). Therefore, the EPA has indicated that it is unlikely that the compound would pose a threat to endangered aquatic organisms.

Fenoxycarb has demonstrated effects on the growth and reproduction of Daphnia at extremely low levels during chronic laboratory studies (NOEL = 1.6 ppt). These long-term, constant exposure studies do not however, simulate realistic exposures in the environment where degradation is rapid.

The choice is for the end user of course. With a powder you can direct the delivery a bit. Personally I would go as far as to tape up my tank if I used it in the vacuum cleaner bag. I'd have to be extremely desperate before I set off what's essentially a tailored nerv gas bomb in my house.