Hi Everyone Its about time i stopped being a lurker and joined and said hello to you.
I live in Thailand (originally from the Uk) and have a 65Gallon tank
I love the fact that over here the cost of fish is so much cheaper and i have access to some unusual ones.
In my tank at the moment i have a Beautiful Fire Eel and the love of my tank is my Pig nose Turtle (Myrtle) shes been with me now for about 5 months and does take a lot of caring for. When getting her i didnt do any research the little Thai guy in the shop said hey mister you like you like pointing to her. I liked and brought her there and then.
She likes to destroy all the plants in the tank so i every morning i fish them all out and replant them into pots. i replace the plants every two week or sooner if there looking a bit thin. She likes her turtle sticks and a bit of fresh lettuce as well as some of my little fish that i had.
I do put in some live feeder fish once a week for the Eel and her to play with.
I have enclosed a picture of her when shes been in the support tank i have. Hence why there is no stone or plants and it looks bare.
I hope over time i get used to not being a lurker any more and will try and make some more posts.