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Thread: Plan

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  1. Default Plan

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    I'm still planning on getting a large aquarium + extras. Here's the costs:

    Top Fin® 75g Aquarium Hood Combo = $235
    EHEIM® Classic External Canister Filter Model 2215 = $150
    x7 Top Fin® River Gravel = $77
    Fluval® Submersible Glass Heater = $34
    x10 Cory Cats = $35
    x10 Otocinclus = $24
    x5 Ghost Shrimp = $2
    API® Stress Coat 16oz = $11
    API® Stress Zyme 16oz = $15
    API® Bottom Feeder Shrimp Pellets = $7


    TOTAL: $590 ~~> $600

    So everything I want should add up to about 600 bucks. I have a good plan to make money, but I won't waste your time with that :/

    So it's a 75g tank with 10 corys, 10 otos, 5 ghost shrimp, 70 lbs of river gravel, equipped with an EHEIM classic canister filter, and heated by a Fluval submersible glass heater. The API food is for the corys, and I'll use the stress zyme/coat to help the fish cope with their new tank.

    Do any of you recommend anything for me? I've got a cycled tank, and plan to just insert some media from the cycled filter into the EHEIM canister filter.

    10 Gallon: 5 Peppered Corys | Pool Filter Sand | x2 AquaTech 5-15 Power Filter | 2 plastic plants

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    I recommend adding at least 50% to the budget in order to make it realistic. a calculated budget is nice, but in reality the fish will be more expensive than expected, some of the otos will
    die. you will remember halfways through something that you still need but didn't factor in(for instance, how about a thermometer). or when you have the tank set up you will discover that you still need
    something to make it function(if you previously had a HOB filter, you will be surprised by how much less surface agitation a canister has - this might make a air pump and airstone necessary).

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    The thing I see missing is a tank stand.

    Also I would suggest seachem prime as your water conditioner instead. It is much cheaper per gallon treated (a 500ml bottle that treats 5,000 gallons can be found online for less than $15).

    Also I havent looked at that gravel but walmart does carry 25 pound bags of natural gravel for less than $13 each.

    I second the surface agitation comment. The eheims are relatively slow flow so you may want to modify it with a spraybar or add an hob filter for surface movement. If you were to use walmart gravel than you could afford a aquaclear 70 filter too.

    The biggest thing is to shop around online for equipement deals. The tank would be the only thing I would buy instore. Also petsmart (where I assume you are lookimg at the tank) sometimes has friends and family coupons online where you can save 15% on your purchase. Also the petsmart tank hood would also have a light that wouldnt be great for growing plants (you didnt mention plants but if you go for it later a new light would be an added expense).

    Ome more thing would be how much tax adds to your bottom line.

    Good luck.

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    wow you got your self a good laundry list of parts. if you are ordering these online im sure you can cut your costs more to make sure you have enough $. like the eheim its under sided for a 75. i would suggest saving about 30 bucks and grabbing an rena xp3. that will do for the tank.
    also the hood you can save a few bucks but that could be for looks.
    what is the heater rated for? you should always try to over shoot that size by around 2x. i love the eheim jager 250/300w heaters for about 27$ on petmountain (not sure if any are in stock tho).
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    Quote Originally Posted by aquahead1 View Post
    Do any of you recommend anything for me? I've got a cycled tank, and plan to just insert some media from the cycled filter into the EHEIM canister filter.

    DOn't keep cories on gravel

    If you're going for a hood with lights, why not plant the tank?

    What are you going to feed the ottos?
    Last edited by talldutchie; 03-27-2013 at 05:21 AM.

  6. Default

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    1) Are otocinclus & ghost shrimp compatible with sand? And after all of the reviews I've read, apparently any sand is hated. Why can't I stick corys in with gravel?

    2) What plants do you recommend? I'll add them into my cost.

    3) I'm going to feed the otos blanched cucumber, which is like 32 cents per cucumber in my area.
    Last edited by aquahead1; 03-27-2013 at 12:05 PM.
    10 Gallon: 5 Peppered Corys | Pool Filter Sand | x2 AquaTech 5-15 Power Filter | 2 plastic plants

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    1. I wouldn't see why they would not be compatible. The otos will spend most of their time on leaves or decorations anyways rather than on the bottom.

    2. There is a prevailing belief that any substrate other than fine sand will abrade Cory barbels. Although From personal experience I believe that water quality Matters more. I Keep corydoras on flourite and they have lovely long barbels and breed at least every week.

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    I wouldn't keep cories on gravel as they are less able to perform natural behaviours. When you see cories on sand/soil you will see what I mean. They love to dig and root like pigs in the substrate. They just cannot do that in gravel.
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  9. Default

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    All right, sand it is. Here's the new list:

    Top Fin® 75g Aquarium Hood Combo = $235
    EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter (Model 2215) = $150
    x4 CaribSea Aquarium Sand (20lb. Bags of White) = $116
    x2 EHEIM Jager Submersible Glass Heater = $34
    x10 Cory Cats = $35
    x10 Otocinclus = $24
    x5 Ghost Shrimp = $2
    API Stress Coat 16oz = $11
    API Stress Zyme 16oz = $15
    API Bottom Feeder Shrimp Pellets = $7
    Seachem Prime 8.5 fl-oz. = $10
    Top Fin® 75g Aquarium Stand = $180


    TOTAL: $886.57

    But what sand color & brand do you recommend for my tank, filter and fish? Also, does the suction head of the intake end of the filter tubing (and output end) need to be high in the water so it doesn't suck up/disturb the sand?
    10 Gallon: 5 Peppered Corys | Pool Filter Sand | x2 AquaTech 5-15 Power Filter | 2 plastic plants

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