i have decided to cycle my 47 gallon tank using safestart

i filled the tank 24 hours ago and had it running after using aqua clear as in the instructions tomorrow i am due to add the safestart and some fish (was thinking 6-10 phantom tetras)

however today the water in the tank has been cloudy even though it was crystal clear at first and there is nothing in there but dechlorinated water a running filter and the usual gravel,ornaments and so on why is it cloudy and is it bad?

MAIN QUESTION-am i alright to add the safesatart and the fish to this cloudy water???????

as a secondary question i would perhaps like to add some more gravel and plants/rocks brfore i start as it does look a bit sparse but if i add them now before i start will i need to dechlorinate again first and wait again to start with the safe start and the fish,i dont mind but i only put 100ml of aqua clear in last night and another big dose seems bad

sorry for the long post but now im into the hobby no doubt it will be the first of many