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    Default Fluval U2 filter settings.

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    Quick question, as the instructions are useless.

    I have a fluval U2 filter. It has a knob that the instructions say, "Adjust water flow to desired" or similar. I can't tell which is more or less flow.

    Turning the knob which has 3 markings, A, B, and C which don't line up with anything really to be honest, I can see I can have either the bottom vent open, the top vent open (with air bubbler venturi) or a thin line open from the bottom of the filter to the top.

    As I said I can't really tell which is more flow. I assume using the top vent will produce small airbubbles that might help with oxygenation but does anyone have any other tips?

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    im not familiar with that filter, but i say turn it on underwater and see if you can feel the difference.

    as long as your fish arent struggling with the flow then keep it at max flow.

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    oops sorry all that other stuff i wrote was wrong.... i was thinking of the c series filters... my bad
    Last edited by genocidex; 03-30-2013 at 04:25 AM. Reason: was thinking of the wrong product
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    Thanks. Turns out, while the instructions mention nothing about the different settings, I found the box when I was doing the rubbish/trash. It has explanation on the out side of the box.

    Top outlet = max circulation + air bubbler
    Bottom outlet = deep water aggitation
    Long slit = spray bar (if you have live plants that don't like current)

    It's also, thankfully a U3, 600 litre per hour. I believe they are the replacement models for the C series, so your information might not have been that wrong ;)

    So I'll leave it on the top one unless the noise of the bubbler gets annoying on occasion when I can switch it to the bottom for silence.

    Filter is at one end, pointed forward and judging by the current on the surface it's faster at one end, so Danios when I add them can mess about in the current if they wish, but the other end of the tank is 'quieter' for those that want to float about.

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