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  1. Default Can a filter be turned off at night?

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    Hi, I bought a new filter for my 40 gallon tropical tank and the only issue I have been having is that it is fairly loud at night, and the tank is right next to my bed. The noise doesn't bother me much and I would much rather keep it on during the night as to not put my fish at any sort of risk, but my mother wants to know for sure. Here are some details about the filter:

    - It is a Tetra Whisper EX45
    - Filters 30 to 45 gal. tanks
    - Has a water flow of 240 gallons per hour
    - In a 40 gal. tank
    - Tank holds small, tropical fish
    - Tank includes a common pleco and two mystery snails

    So would I be able to shut off the filter for about 9 hours each night without there being too much of an issue? I don't want to come off ignorant to fishkeeping, but I've never had such a nice filter so I really am not sure! :P Thanks!
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    no. if you turn off your filter each night you will have a ammonia spike.
    also that filter is under powered for that tank. take what the manufacturer rates the filter at and divide it by 2. thats how many gallons should be the filters max.

    if you can afford to upgrade the filter to an aquaclear 70 or 110, they are super quite and not too expensive. the 110 would cover the tank solo. the 70 would be good enough unless you have a very high stock.

    btw i think the ac 70 on amazon is about 40$ and the 110 is about 64... not bad prices if i do say so myself. (if you are interested in the link ill post it later)
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    Agreed. Bacteria in the filter begin dying off within an hour of the filter being turned off. Turning it off all night will certainly cause problems.

    As also mentioned, you might want to consider a larger filter. Unless your tank is lightly stocked, you will want more filtration.

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    Agree with the above two members. Turning off your filter at night is like stopping oxygen from coming into your bedroom while you slept, your going to pay the price before morning.

    The more capacity a filter has the better. As was said, 2 times the rating is what you want for peace of mind.
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    all previous members have given good advice. the wastes that fish secrete are continuous, and turning the filter off at night will make wastes accumulate.
    in addition to that, it will kill the bacteria that consume the wastes of both food and oxygen by depriving them of both. when you turn the filter on in the morning
    there will be nothing left to consume fish wastes.

    funnily I have had the same issue with the tetra whisper line of filters. I had one in my room and I couldn't sleep because of the persistent hum.
    I recommend switching to an aquaclear filter. they are quiet and very reliable filters. an aquaclear 30 used along with an aquaclear 50 would be a good
    combination for a tank the size of yours.

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    Not to beat a dead horse...

    but I also have a 40gallon tank (40b)
    my filtration is rated (combined between 4 filters) @ 210gallons.

  7. Default

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    Thank you all very much! I had known about the bacteria dying off and I had never wanted to turn off the filter anyways, it is actually quite calming! So I will make sure that my parents know this info. They love the fish, but aren't as educated in caring as I, haha! And I will totally look into buying a stronger filter, I have never heard of that method of using a stronger than needed filter so thanks! :D

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    you see, when the companies test the filters, they test them without intake guards, with short intakes and no filter media.
    from the flow rate they get that way, they rate the filter. realistically, the filter will have an intake guard, filter media and lots of gunk clogging it
    someplace or another. in a real life setting the flow rate can be cut by more than half and that is why it is better to have a filter(or multiple filters) that
    have a total filtration capacity of double a tank's volume.

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