did 75% again may take another 1-2 times depending where i am to get to that to around 10 or atleast coming up at as ten on the test. then i need to figure out how many days it takes to go from 10.0 to 20.0 then i can figure out based of that when i should do a 50% pwc then another 50% pwc (day later or space it depending how many days) to get me to around 12ppm. this is of course rough math not considering Whatever the Increase rate of nitrate is and not factoring in what plants are reducing nitrate or slowing the increasing rate. I couldn't get my hands on frogbit, i tried to get some wisteria instead didn't have any in stock at LFS. So i went with a lil ball of java moss that i put on 1 side of a piece of wood and on 2 ornaments. Also got a java fern that i attached the other side of the wood with some thread. I think my cousin has some water sprites atleast he claims thats what it is, need to get a better look at it then determine if i can use a cutting or something based of what it is. as far floating plants I already have salvinia i think and some other stringy stuff that looks similar about handful or more at the top going.