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  1. Question Snail Control problems?????

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    So my issue is:
    I have a densely planted 30g freshwater, and about a year ago I introduced a few Malaysian trumpet snails, the population is now huge, and I have made several attempts to reduce population size by removing as many snails as possible, they've almost recovered immediately ( I think because of the plants to hide in), In the tank I also have
    Nerite Snails, Red Cherry Shrimp, and an Assortment of fish.... So I was wondering if anyone knew a way to not completely destroy the population, just keep it in check without hurting my shrimp/nerite snails -(so not snail killing chemicals)....? I was thinking assassin snails, but my friend had one which caught and killed his Red Cherry shrimp, so maybe not :P
    Any help appreciated!

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    Assasins tend to go for snails first since they're easier pray.

    Keep up the trapping would be my advice. Make a snail trap out of a drinks bottle and net any floaters you see.

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    passenger pigeons used to be one of the most common animals on earth, yet humans have managed to drive them to extinction. the key is incentive.
    don't think about how many snails are still in the tank. think about how many you have already eliminated. every snail out is one snail less that is living and reproducing in your tank.
    Be unrelenting in your trapping and eventually you will conquer the snails. another thing you could try would be to feed less. this could be a gentle approach on its own or used together with
    continuous trapping.

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    Okk, I'll give continued trapping a go :) Is there any fish species which I could add might control the trumpet snail population?

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    If you are worried about assassin snails eating your shrimp, well, a fish that eats snails will certainly do so too, and be much more efficient at it.

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    I have assassins in with my Red cherries and they are no problem. The assassins cannot catch a shrimp. The reason that rumor is around is because a hungry assassin will probably eat a dead shrimp if it finds it. I'd say use assassins but also continue to trap them. My assassins take there time and only eat a few pond snails at a time, but its fun to watch

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    Shall try Assasins and trapping and see how it goes! :D
    Thank you!!!

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    The only caveat is that the assassin snail population might boom, making them just as much a nuisance as the original snails. And from what I have read, MTS are tough prey, so assassins may not be as effective against them as they would be against, say, ordinary pond snails. But assassins will probably still help.

    Madagascariensis' advice about feeding less is critically important, though. If you feed less (and do thorough, regular cleaning to remove "leftovers") then your snail-trapping program will be much more efficient because a) the hungry snails will be easier to lure into the traps, and b) their population growth will be slowed. Without adjusting your feeding, I suspect it will be very hard to achieve control. On the other hand, *with* a feeding adjustment, a lot of your work will be done for you.

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    I had tons of pond snails so added some assassins and the pond snails totally disappeared. I really, really hate snails but love the assassins. They do breed but not like other snails to where they are covering the substrate, plants and glass. I've had them for 2 years and have perhaps 50 now moved into 3 tanks. Any other snail and it would have been 100,000!!!!!! However, the assassins have not done a great job on my trumpet snails like they did on the pond snails. I think because the trumpets are just so small and have to be larger in order for the assassins to eat them.

    I trapped them for a long time until it just become a nuisance. I'd stick a fork in a slice of cucumber, drop it in the tank and when it was covered with snails, remove it, rinse it off and drop in again. I have decided to order some yo-yo loaches but of course will have to rescue the assassins first. Clown loaches would be wonderful but our tanks are too small for them so yo-yo's will have to do.

    BTW.......assassins are in demand. Very easy to sell. When I began giving my fish blood worms, my snail population went NUTS. I also move driftwood from tank to tank so now have trumpets in every tank.


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    I cut down my feeding for ages, but to be honest I think they're mainly living off rotting plant leafs... I'm still trapping - and plan on feeding them to my pignose puffer which arrives soon, or to my Oscar and cichlid tank and have ordered some assassins this morning... but the population is still as big as ever, so I'm just gonna keep going....

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