My FM arrived at the fish store this week so I brought him home.

I've decided the pleco...

that I got with the tank...

craps wayyyy too much (I'll spare you the pic here) so she's been put on craigslist.

Here's my most recent plans:
Satanoperca jurapari
tapajos read head geophagus
salvini cichlid
threadfin geophagus (maybe, this one doesn't seem to be as hardy so I'm iffy on it)

I'm thinking just one of each and I'm still having a hard time letting go of the idea of having a bichir (dinosaur eel) in there if I can be positive I'm getting the type that doesn't get HUGE, just big (I've gotten some push-back on another thread about mixing the bichir in, and understandably so). From what I've read, the bichir that I want to get should be OK with any fish not small enough to be food. The smallest of these fish are 5 inches so I feel like I should be OK.

What do you think about this mix of cichlids? Any other thoughts on the bichir?