Hey there! My name is Sky and let me just tell you I am so glad I found this site! So on with my introduction!
I am thirteen, an artist and have a love for any and all animals, especially aquatic and marine ;) I'm also really random and always up for trying new things. I am actually a part of the mermaid community, so basically I just make and swim around in mermaid tails that I make and bring smiles to kids' faces all while looking awesome. Yeah, random.

I am obviously a huge aquarium lover so here is a bit about my tanks!

My best tank is a forty gallon freshwater aquarium. All of the plants in my tank are living and have really pretty neutral colored smooth stones for the bottom plus a resin 'log' and a reddish colored rock thingy :P Living in here are two finskirt tetras, three gouramis, four platys, a school of five neon tetras, two female betta fish, two mystery snails and an eight inch common pleco.
(I also just bought a new and better filter so all my fish are very happy with me! )

I also keep three male bettas in seperate 1 gallon tanks. (I really want them to have at least 2 gallon tanks each, but I have no room and the parents wont let me :P )

In a 2.5 gallon tank I grow elodea to be put into my forty gallon when/if needed.

I hope to one day have a self-sustaining saltwater aquarium with all different types of corals, anemones and fish. Like a little chunk of the ocean right there in my living room! :D

So there is a bit about me and my tanks. I hope that I can get a lot of good tips from you all and can be an even better aquarist. Catch you later!