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    here is one picture i took just now, what ya guys think??
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    as you can tell the tanks pretty empty! :)

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    I like the tank/set up. Good job

    seeing the tank helps.

    so here are you final #'s (adjusted)

    15 neons
    15 glowlights
    8 corys (make sure they are the same species)
    4 bolivian rams or 3 keyholes

    but having that full of tank, you'll need proper filtration (rated at 110gallons as the min)
    and do at least 40% water changes weekly.

    otherwise, you'll run into health issues real fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by otnogid1 View Post
    okay is there any problem if i purchase two bolivians or keyholes and they both end up being males? hahaha i understand what your saying.

    Yes. If you don't provide territorial boundries they might kill eachother.

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    I gotta add it that I think you will only want 1 pair with that set up you have. Or consider a harem (1m 3f) of a different dwarf cichlid. I have 5 German blues in my 55 that has a lot of hiding places, and they still fight over spots and I have 1 odd man out usually

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    Yup +1 to both the above post's.

    can't put enough emphasis on the boundaries. currently as your tank sits, it won't work.

    you'll need to add in a lot more visual boundaries to break up the tank's space.

    check out ScottishFish's photo journal-he's pulled off multiple dwarfs w/ success, but only b/c of the boundaries that are set up.

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    yea im definitely not gonna stock the tank to its potential because that would mean a lot more hassle. probably 7-9 of each tetra and 2 keyholes/3 rams. I notice the photo journal (nice pictures of the plecos!) uses a lot of drift wood. i dont have access to drift wood and the lfs sells it at extreme prices so thats out of the question...
    should i add more hides? or a few medium sized rocks to make boundaries so to speak? thanks for you guys help!

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    its only a hassle on you to keep up the tank. and if you fail to do that, the "hassle" becomes exponentially more to deal with sick fish. the meds/water changes are much more to deal with vs keeping a good schedule up from the get go.

    the whole saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" holds very true for aquariums.

    if it is a hassle to do that much on a water change, then look into a python water changer. it makes your life super easy.

    failure to have 2x filtration and 40+% weekly water changes means you'll have a bigger hassles.
    trust me.

    and take driftwood from nature-generally speaking as long as it is a hardwood then it'll be safe. or buy the fake resin ones from any lfs.

    either way, you'll need to beef up that landscape for your cichlids.
    if that isn't an option-then don't do as many cichlids- (like 1 of each) and have higher counts of your tetra's.

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    yea i understand what your saying. Thats why i dont want to over do it. haha i can do weekly water changes. okay, ill be on the lookout for chances to get drift wood from nature. so next step is more tetras and to get some landscape! seems like ive got a lot to do before i can get any cichlids but i guess patients is a virtue... :)

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    If you'd like to do rams, add some plants to break up the line of sight which will keep some of the aggression down between them, I only recommend 1 pair, and the corys might not be a great idea because they'll have to share the bottom, not 100% on last part, but if I remember correctly..

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