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  1. Lightbulb Community tank stocking tips for 55 gallon? bolivian rams or keyholes?

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    i have a 55 gallon thats pretty weirdly shaped, its a half hexagonal tank and i was wondering what you guys suggest i stock it with, its been running for over a year and a half but its only got a few neons, glofish, and 5 emerald corys. i want to get bolivians and keyholes cause they go well in community tanks. should i get one of each? or a pair of one? if anyone would like to see a picture i can probably put one up of my (future) cichlid tank. thanks!

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    im sorry, they arent glofish but glowlights, those green and purple fish are not the kind for me!

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    either will work in that tank.

    however, either way, i'd recommend establishing your other fish (increase your neons, glowlights and cory's) first, then let the tank build up the correct BB, and then add your cichlids.

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    oh okay thats good cause my lfs has both :D im not sure but i believe that they are both fish that tend to stay at the bottom? you think i should get more cory's as well? how many neons and glowlights do you recommend? i have 5 neons and 3 glowlights right now. thanks for you input!

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    You could have 10 each of both tetra species, 8 cories and cichlids of your choice. One of each will make a pretty and calm tank, but if you want to see the full range of interesting behaviors a cichlid has to offer, go with a pair. Both species are suitable for a community setting and it is up to which one you find prettier. Buy 6+ young fish and let them sort out their relationships on their own. However, pairs will of course want to breed eventually and so you should expect periodical mayhem in your tank as they defend their eggs and fry.

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    yea you guys are right i need to stock up on neons and glowlights first. You nailed why im thinking one of each, pretty and not too much ruckus. :) but lets say i go for pairs, and all 6 pair up, will there be enough space for each of the 3 to havetheir own individual territories?

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    I doubt so. Especially in hexagonal tanks without much length the really isn't a lot of bottom space for territories or for fleeing tankmates. Cichlid pairs are always sellable though. After all, the dirty work of buying a whole bunch of juveniles and waiting for them to pair has already been done! Keep in mind though that besides letting the cichlids choose their own partners, one of the reasons for buying multiple fish is because young ones are hard to sex accurately and the large number increases the chances of getting at least one of both sexes. Because of the skewed sex ratios and the fact that there will always be some ugly duckling fish nobody wants to mate with, Realistically it is rare that all fish will pair up.

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    I wouldn't do more than 4 rams or 3 keyholes in that tank.
    keyholes get bigger than rams.

    either way, make sure to ensure the success of this combo, you have lots of plants (real or fake) and driftwood/decoration to allow their separation.

    plus if they do breed once in a pair. they get very very aggressive towards other fish. so you'll need a backup plan when/if that happens.

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    okay is there any problem if i purchase two bolivians or keyholes and they both end up being males? hahaha i understand what your saying.

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    i have a few fake plants im gonna put in there soon and yea i have a 15 gallon i used before i got this tank. i have one live plant and its fairly large. i will post a picture for more suggestions. thanks very much guys!
    Last edited by otnogid1; 03-25-2013 at 01:36 AM.

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