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Thread: Filtration

  1. Default Filtration

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    I have been reading a lot about having extra filtration, and it seems like a good idea. I am currently experiencing some nirtite issues and hoping that some extra filtratio might help. I have a 36 gallon with a Tetra Whisper 40i currently running in the tank. I also have a Tetra Whisper 20i that I am not using and could add. Would it be better to add the second filter, leave it alone, or purchase a bigger filter? Any suggestions are very welcome. Thanks!

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    I'd go with a bigger filter.

    Rule of thumb is that you need about double what your tank is. You have a 36 -- so you need 72. If you add the 20 with the 40 you'll have 60, but you have to cut that number in half to consider the room that your media takes up. So, as is you are currenlty under filtered.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong anyone! I'm pretty sure that's what the rule is, it seems to me (after writing it) that having a HUGE filter for a 36g might be too much?
    130g: 4 Angelfish, 2 Roseline Sharks, 12 Conga Tetras, 5 Kuhli Loaches, 1 Otocinslus, 1 Corydora

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    I saw a youtube video with someone using an Eheim Professional 3 on a 40 gallon tank without it being too much flow, so I'd imagine it would be hard to get too big of a filter.

    There are 2 schools of thought here. You can get one big filter to replace the 2 smaller ones, or you can get 2 medium sized filters, or one big filter and keep one of the small.
    The benefit to actually having 2 different filters is that if one breaks, you have a back up still providing BB in your tank.

    Like Mandy said though, it's not so much the quantity of the filters as it is the amount of gallons they filter. If this was my tank, I would personally shoot for 100G worth of filtration (which would be about 3x the amount of gallonage for your tank)
    120 gallon FW bowfront in progress

  4. Default

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    Thank you guys for the great advice! I took a look at the Eheim Professional 3 filter, but unfortuantely, it is way out of my price range. Any suggestions for a good filter that would do the job but would be a little cheaper? Thanks!

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    AC110 is pretty good. You're looking at right at $100, or just under. You could use that, and one of your other filters.
    130g: 4 Angelfish, 2 Roseline Sharks, 12 Conga Tetras, 5 Kuhli Loaches, 1 Otocinslus, 1 Corydora

  6. Default

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    I was hoping to spend a little less if possible. Would the Aqueon 55/75 do the trick? I don't want to waste my money and get something that isn't going to do the job, but money is a little tight right now. Thanks!

  7. Default

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    If you leave the tetra 40i on the tank you can easily get away with only spending 30-35 more for a second filter. The aqueon filter or an ac 70 would make a good second filter. Check out online stores and amazon for filters you will pay way less. The ac110 that Mandy mentioned is only 65 online. Good luck.

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    Purchased my 2 AC110s at, right now they are $64.02. Or 2 AC50's are $29.82 each - that would give you a good backup if one went out. The AC70 is $39.39. If you can get your order to $99, it's free shipping. Dr.foster & smith have a higher price (AC110 $74.99 - AC50 $34.99) but have free shipping on $49 or more.

    Love my AC110s.
    75 gal - Smudge Spot Cories, Silvertip & Pristella Tetras, Scissortail & Red Tail Rasboras, Pearl Gourami, Black Kuhli Loaches, Whiptail Cats, Wild Caught BNP
    Dual 29 gals - Diamond Tetras. Harlequin Rasboras, Bloodfin Tetras
    10 Gal - Mr. Betta's Fishy Paradise

    "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain"

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    If I get the AC110 would I need to get another filter or would just the one do the trick? Thanks for the help!

  10. Default

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    First - until you get another filter or a bigger one start using the Whisper 20, something is better than nothing!!!

    Second - Are you good with you hands? Have you thought of making your own filtration system? A sump filtration system has two HUGE advantages over canisters. 1) More total water volume and 2) more area for filtration media. Plus you could DIY and save some money. Just a thought.
    25 Gal - Tropical
    Custom made Wet/Dry/Sump Filter System, AquaClear 20 Powerhead, RenaCal Excel 300 Heater, artificial plants
    Fish - 7 Blackskirt Tetras, German Blue Ram, Bulldog Pleco, Assassin snail.
    "Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success." King Solomon.
    Pictures of my 10 Gal Sump Filtration project

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